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What's Wrong With Ricky Nolasco? -- Redux

             Ricky Nolasco wasn't pitching all that well on regular rest, so the fact he's being smacked around on short rest might not necessarily explain what's happening here tonight. The Rays are teeing off on Nolasco, who has been pounded for eight runs in the first two innings. He threw 67 pitches while his ERA has soared a whopping 9.07.

            He certainly doesn't look like the same pitcher who won 15 games for the Marlins last season, and his body language suggests he is as confused as anyone for what's happening. This guy was nasty in '08, and now his stuff looks flat and lifeless.

            Can't see the Marlins having any chance whatsoever with Nolasco pitching like this.




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He needs to be sent to the minors plain and simple. You don't gain confidence in the big leagues when you have no clue what is going on. Start him in Jupiter and then add a few more starts at Jacksonville and/or New Orleans. It is quite possible that last year was a flash in the pan for him. What other conclusion can you go on? He hasn't at any point this year pitched anywhere near the level he did last year. If it's not arm problems, then perhaps he was in the zone for an incredibly long stretch last year. In any event, he has no business starting anymore. This team has the ability to finish behind the Nats and everyone else in MLB. Can you call it a fire sale if the pieces you are dismantling aren't that good to begin with?


This team is playing the worst baseball I have ever seen, and as a lifelong Marlin fan, that's saying alot.

This team makes me not want to make the trek to Dolphin/LandShark Stadium (whatever that p.o.s. is called) and they make me not even want to watch them on TV. Loria, you are a bum....do something!!!!

You can start by firing Fredi...


Can't see the Marlins having much of a chance with Fredi as the manager... either he goes or there will be less people going to games this season. Clark or Manny, do you guys know how us fans can get in touch with Marlins front office via email to voice our displeasure with Fredi. He should not be allowed to take another breath on the face of this earth past tonight.




So because a guy is not necessarily a solid manager he deserves to die? Yeah, you have credibility pal. Get a life.


exactly. and no one wants to here your imput cripple. you know nothing about baseball and at least fredi can walk cripple.

Clark S.

My scorebook is starting to look like the wreck of one from the 25-8 game at Fenway Park in 2003. Somehow, though, I don't think this team will rebound from tonight's similar such massacre to win the World Series. C.S.


clark, tell how paolo is so stupid for thinking fredi is a bad manager and that this is his fault


It's Amezaga's fault, obviously.


and that idiot tosca of course. and pinto, just because he is pinto according to him. if fredi wasnt here and de aza was, it would be the marlins up by 12, right paolo?

Clark S.

Hey, look. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, and I'm all for the free exchange of ideas and views. That's what these things are designed for. But do we have to get into personal attacks and name-calling?

Meanwhile....the game goes on. Would anyone like to comment on this debacle?


I finally gave up when it got to 15-1 and turned it off. The outfield needs to go back to the begining of the season and move Herm back to left, Cody or Maybin to center and Cody or Carroll in right. Chris Coughlan is no major league outfielder but he might be a better third baseman than Boni-7 errors in forty games? The pitching is a cluster f---.


Clark or Manny, do you guys know how us fans can get in touch with Marlins front office via email to voice our displeasure with Fredi?

I'm sure Marlins management not happy with Fredi...season is getting really ugly.

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