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What's Wrong With Ricky Nolasco?

            Any thoughts on that question? Now would seem to be the time to address the situation after Nolasco tossed another clunker in what has become a pattern of them. Certainly, Nolasco isn't the same pitcher he was a season ago when he won 15 games.

            Tonight he was provided leads of 3-0 and 4-1 and couldn't protect them. He didn't make it through the fourth, an inning in which he recorded two quick outs and then came completely unhinged, issuing back-to-back walks to Hart and Kendall, giving up a bloop single to Braden Looper -- the pitcher -- an infield hit to Rickie "I Only Need A Double For the Cycle" Weeks, and a RBI single to Craig Counsell. He ends up being charged with eight runs and now owns an ERA of 7.77.

           The Marlins are in major trouble if Nolasco isn't solid, and right now he looks hopelessly lost. Tonight was a disaster.



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Send him down


Ricky will be fine and will have a successful season at the end. The real question is, what is wrong with Fredi? Too much of this unnecesary lineup changes, too caught up in the matchups and all it does it takes runs off the board for us. I know Maybin was struggling as was the reason he was sent down, but Amezaga is not the answer, he should be a last resort as he is nothing more than an INF and a bottom of the order guy at best -- Though, he should never start under any circumstances because the guy can barely get the ball passed home plate. If they feel they need a more reliable answer out in CF and offensively at that position, then they need to make a trade or whatever necessary to take care of that issue... Amezaga is not the answer. He is not and should not be Fredi's answer to every problem that comes up. Another ball that cost the Marlins some runs gets passed Amezaga out in CF -- May have gotten away from Maybin or Ross as well if they were out there, but they would have approached it better and given us a better chance to hold the runner from scoring.

The situation with Nolasco can be fixed -- What needs to be the focus is the continous bad managing skills of Fredi and the uselessness of Amezaga -- Two guys this team can certainly do without.

Zach Sanders

I wouldn't worry too much. His FIP is 4.08, a respectable number (he was at 3.77 last year).

He has been unlucky, with a BABIP of .380, while his career number is .308. This will drop, and his ERA will follow.

However, his GB% has dropped 6% from last year, down to 32.3%, which is a cause for concern.


Sign Pedro Martinez! He can win a dozen games for us and serve as an extra arm during the post season -- he'll either start or serve as long relief on a World Series run.


Ricky Nolasco isn't a good pitcher. Last year was an outlier year.

4th place team.

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