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Amezaga to Get Second Opinion on Knee Injury

                  Marlins utility player Alfredo Amezaga said he will travel Wednesday to Vail, Colo., to receive a second medical opinion on his injured left knee. Amezaga has been out since May 17 with a deep bone bruise. He said he will be examined by Dr. Richard Steadman, who checked out Mets center fielder Carlos Beltran on Tuesday. Beltran is dealing with a bone bruise in his right knee, but will not require surgery.

                  Steadman is known for his work with basketball players and performing microfracture knee surgery. Amezaga said he is concerned because the injury has not shown significant improvement.

                  "It's been a long time," Amezaga said of the injury.



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Nobody misses you Amezaga. You are good for the clubhouse and us fans but you are useless on the diamond you are overrated.

Fin fan Joe

That's about a moronic comment; the one guy who can play every position and gives his all every day...and you think nobody misses him? Well, bozo, you don't speak for two groups of people: the players and the fans. Go back to the Phillies blog where you belong.


I am a marlins fan buddy. Not a sillies fan. The one guy who can play every position? thats kinda funny? you must be another cuban on the Fredi bandwagon who has brain-washed you and made you think that. Amezaga is nothing but a bench warmer. A bottom of the order hitter and an INF 2nd baseman, SS at best. He is a liability to our team doing any more than that for us.


paolo, why are you so damn racist? we dont like fredi because he is cuban, we like him because he is a good manager. and amezaga is valuable because he is great at every position and has a pretty good arm and is like a luis castillo type of player


Wow! you are dumb. You just insulted Luis Castillo like no one ever has, and hopefully never will. How can you compare Alfredo The Useless Amezaga to a solid player like Castillo. Amezaga a terrible arm especially out in CF, because that is not a position he is suited for. He can't play every position, only infield positions so just give it a rest. You see, Fredi and our broadcaster are at fault for brain-washing losers like you already making you think that we actually need this bum. He is good for the clubhouse and fans as I have the chance to meet him but that is about it/


so everyone but you thinks he is a great outfielder and has a good arm but you are right? i dont think so. i said he is a luis castillo type of player, meaning he has good speed, plays tough and gives it his all, and is a singles hitter


He has a terrible arm out in the OF to say the very least. Either way, it doesn't matter because he won't be playing for a while, maybe the rest of the season and we still go all the way!

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