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Another Rolaids Night

                 Matt Lindstrom categorized his latest struggles as both "inexplicable" and "unacceptable." The Marlins won despite Lindstrom's ninth-inning meltdown on Tuesday, one in which he fell apart with a seemingly safe 6-3 lead and two outs in the ninth. The Orioles strung together four straight singles, knocked Lindstrom out of the game, and managed to send it into extra innings by scoring the tying run off Brian Sanches.

                 It was the second straight game that Lindstrom allowed a 6-3 lead slip from his grasp after recording two quick outs. The only difference is that he managed to escape Sunday's near collapse with a 6-5 victory over the New York Yankees after making it close by giving up two runs in the ninth.

                 Lindstrom did not duck blame after Tuesday's mess.

                 "I just can't put my finger on anything," he said. "But I've got to do a better job. It's happend two or three times this year, and it's unacceptable."

                 Still, manager Fredi Gonzalez said he's sticking with Lindstrom as his closer.

                 -- Leo Nunez left the game with a sprained right ankle but Gonzalez said he doesn't think the injury is serious. He said Nunez recently tweaked the ankle and that Tuesday's problem might have stemmed from the tape job.


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A 6.50+ ERA for a closer at this time of the season is completely RIDICULOUS!!!!! This season is already shaping up to be like 2003! Lindstrom IS Braden Looper from that year! I can only hope the FO pulls the trigger on a trade or something just like in 2003 when we got Urbina! Trade for Sherill or call up Owens already and give him a shot!!!!

Two 2-out meltdowns in a row is enough already! Lindstrom says "it's happened two or three times this year"???????? MORE THAN THAT MY FRIEND! Just because you don't statistically blow the game doesn't mean you didn't melted down! A two run inning with a three run lead is NO GOOD! There is no confidence in this guy!


Am i the only one who think Hanley halfassed it on the wiggington grounder allowing the tying run to get to third instead of staying at second?


"Am i the only one who think Hanley halfassed it on the wiggington grounder...."

No. I saw that too. He seems to do that a lot.

As for Matt, you should not not take Lindstrom if you have previous heart conditions. Possible side effects include two out rallies, blown saves, extra innings, high blood pressure, headaches, and nail biting. Consult with your doctor before using Lindstrom.

In all seriousness though I think he has the stuff to be a great closer, he just needs more seasoning. However with the Fish in contention they do need a backup plan.

Big Boy

His fastball had no movement at all and when he did throw his slider, he was leaving it way up....he's at his best when he can throw his slider for low strikes but he seemed to have not be able to get it over last night.....We need to stick with him though, especially now that Nunez is gonna be out for a while.


Big Boy,

Who said that Nunez was going to be out for a while?

Gonzalez is quoted as saying that it was not serious and the marlins website says that he should be ready for tonight's ballgame.

I do think that he should be given a couple nights off, just in case.

I also think that we should call up Henry Owens after the all-star break, just to get him some more seasoning in the minors. He is supposedly pitching really well down there.

Calero should also be ready after his 15 day DL stint.

Maybe even Annibal could be moved to the bullpen after the all-star break. He has pitched out of the pen before and it would not be as hard on his shoulder.


Stop worrying about egg in your face again marlin mngmt. and go with another closer.


Its not so much that Lindstrom has many blown saves... The problem is the rallies he allows... He has been lucky thus far that the marlins have gotten the win more often than not in these situations.. It is getting to the point where my blame will be shifting to FG... Although yesterday was not an example, I don't understand the games when Nunez is brought in during the 8th and shuts the opposing team down 1, 2, 3, and the FG puts in Lindstrom and we almost blow the game... I understand baseball and the role of the closer, but sometimes you go with the hot hand and FG doesn't seem to understand that... On Lindstoms part, taking responsibility is very important, but fixing the problem is more important... I want action not talk on his part

HR - most of the time his defense is half-. I can count several games where his lack of effort on defense has cost us big. While I realize he bats great and wins us games, the lack of effort on defense is unacceptable and is disappointing to see as a Marlins fan...

But it is somewhat overly critical to complain when we have won 7 of the last 10… Keep it up Fish


the Jeter deal was for his cache a Yankee captain with a Hall of Fame creear with 5 world series rings approaching 3,000 hits sells seats and other incidentals people love the guy, pay to see him play, it's tough to not pay the man but by the numbers alone, he's not worth the money being paid to him BUT he is Derek Jeter!

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