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Cody Ross for Jeff Francoeur? + Cameron Maybin Ump Bumping Suspension

              According to a report by my colleague, Barry Jackson, in today's Herald, the Marlins rejected Atlanta's offer of Jeff Francoeur for Cody Ross a couple of weeks ago before the Braves traded prospects to the Pirates for Nate McLouth. Can't disagree with the Marlins on that decision.

              The Braves also asked about Jeremy Hermida.

              Francoeur's numbers have been riding the down escalator and compare unfavorably to Ross's. Just looking at career OPS figures for a quick gauge, it's .807 for Ross compared to .734 for Francoeur, a free-swinger who hasn't met many pitches he doesn't like. Contractually, both are in their second years of arbitration eligibility, with Francoeur raking in about $1 million more than Ross this season.Francoeur

             Anyone else like to weigh in on that trade proposal? My guess is spur-of-the-moment opinions probably changed between Thursday (when Ross committed a game-changing error) and now (after a couple of big days at the plate).

             -- It's been a frustrating first half for Cameron Maybin There was his demotion after hitting .202 for the Marlins and striking out in more than a third of his at bats. Then came a bumping incident with an umpire on June 5, followed by a sliding injury (dislocated pinky) two days later.

             Maybin returned from the injury to play Thursday for Triple A New Olreans, then served a 2-game suspension for the ump bumping incident on Friday and Saturday. He's expected to return to the Zephyrs lineup today. Maybin is doing better at the plate. His average is up (.284) and his strikeouts are down (15 in 88 at bats).

          -- Pitching matchups for the upcoming series with the Red Sox are shaping up. It'll be Tim Wakefield vs. Chris Volstad on Tuesday at Fenway Park, Brad Penny vs. Andrew Miller on Wednesday, and possibly John Smoltz vs. Ricky Nolasco on Thursday. The Red Sox haven't decided whether to roll out Smoltz against the Marlins or have him make a rehab start in the minors.

         -- A victory this afternoon at the Rogers Centre will give the Marlins something they haven't experienced since the end of April -- a 3-game winning streak. The Marlins haven't won three in a row since April 30 when they followed two victories against the Mets with another against the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field.