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Coghlan Swinging a Dodgers Bat, Among Others

                Memo to Louisville Slugger: Chris Coghlan plays for the Marlins, not the Los Angeles Dodgers. Seems the bat company messed up Coghlan's order, shipping him a half-dozen bats that were engraved with "Los Angeles Dodgers" below his name instead of "Florida Marlins."

                Coghlan doesn't seem to care. He's been using the Dodgers bats and, in fact, hit a home run off the Giant's Tim Lincecum with one. But the rookie is down to his last one. He broke the other five, but kept one on the advice of a friend who suggested it could be worth something someday. Just think what a Coghlan "Dodgers" bat would fetch at auction if he ends up in the Hall of Fame and never plays for the team.

                Coghlan is kind of finicky about his bats. He picks from an assortment of four models, choosing one that feels the best during batting practice. Wes Helms, on the other hand, says he's been swinging the same model for 10 years.

                Take a look at Coghlan's bat when he leads off this afternoon. If it's an all-black bat, it's the Dodgers model. If the wood is two-tone, it's one of his three maple models.


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The way bats splinter today, I find hard to believe they're able to print or engrave anything on them without breaking them. The Babe would have only used todays bats for toothpcks.


So Ive been thinking there is onhting to make me think the Dodgers havnt become a small market team (Padres, Nats, Athletics, Royals), either until Frank wins in court and gets out from debt, or the team is sold to someone who has more than 100,000 dollars to his name. The team that we have at this point, IMO has a three year window to win, if that, but do not currently have the pieces to win the whole shebang the world series.If we cant spend in free agency for medicore players and are salary dumping Pierre then we probably wont have the cash to spend in free agency next year when there are a bunch of game changers bound to hit free agency or are traded. So in order to prevent coming up short the next two years and then having onhting to show for it I propose a radical change that will either help poor broke McCourt gets some change in his pocket, or prime the team for sale. If salary dump is what your looking for then the next two years are crucial with major salaries coming off the books and arbitration hearings coming up. Well lets salary dump trade some valuable players due raises and stock the lower levels of the farm club that can make a real run at something in 2012 when Frank can spend, or a new owner has full control to do something.First to GoEither- with 51 homers the last two years and his clutch ability, he has some real value that could fetch two low or high A prospects I would prefer pitching, teams like the Royals, Mets, Cards (if they miss on Holladay), Braves would give up some of their prized lower level talent not major league ready just yet, 2-3 yearsBroxton to NY Yankees to pry away some of their recent development maybe Montero?? They need someone to replace Rivera soon.Loney to the Orioles for Arrieta or Erbe some good young pitching to give the Os another good young defensive player to keep building around.Bills and Sherrill, Martin to the Mets to raid everything they have got with getting five of their top seven prospects including Ike Davis and Ruben Tejada, and FMartKuo to anyone willing to give up some low level position players like a 3B, or a young OF guy with pop, willing to accept Kuo might not have value and could close if we keep him.We will not field a horrible team and could possibly compete in the crappy West I doubt it but with Furcal and Blake leading a younger cast, we are still keeping two pieces to build a 2012 world Series champion Killer K's Kemp and Kershaw. Kuroda and Manny will be off the books for the most part as well as the parts of Jones and Pierre by 2011-2012 we will have a Marlinesque payroll with some prime talent and Major League studs.With the young pitching talent in the lower levels the Dodgers have plus the 2-3 pitching prospects we would recieve are rotation could feature an ace with Kershaw plus fresh young talent to compete and whatever Free Agents Ace is available after the 2011 season could be Felix.This team could have a small payroll and be stocked to make a real run by then if an owner is willing to commit some cash.

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