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Hermida On Slump, Diminished Role

                The past two weeks have been difficult for outfielder Jeremy Hermida, whose hitting slump has nearly coincided with manager Fredi Gonzalez's decision to have Brett Carroll replace him in right -- at least most of the time -- against left-handed starters. Hermida said he understands that decision, but had also "approached" Gonzalez to clarify his role.

               ."It's just typical manager/player relationship," Hermida said. "I just want to make sure we're on the same page and we both know what's going on -- and I know what he's thinking and he knows what I'm thinking."

                Hermida said there is absolutely no rift.

                "My job isn't to make the lineup," Hermida said. "My job is to go out there and play when I'm in it and try to help this team win. I talked to him a little about it. It's tough when you struggle a little bit, and then have to sit a little bit. (I want to) do what's best for the team, and I'm all for that. It's not that I'm selfish or anything "

                 Hermida was 2 for his last 30 at the plate going into Tuesday. One of those hits was a squib single on Friday against the Rays. Meanwhile, Carroll has been starting in right most of the time (exception: the New York Yankees' Andy Pettitte) when the Marlins have faced a left-hander, something that has happened four times in the Marlins' past five games. Hermida was used as a designated hitter against left-handers on occasion during interleague play.

                Carroll has hit .333 against lefties compared to Hermida's .197 average.

                "We have run into a lot of lefties, and B.C. (Carroll) has been swinging the bat great, and I wasn't," Hermida said. "It's a good move to put B.C. in there. B.C.'s stepped in and done an unbelievable job for us. So you just go with it."

                With Hermida not hitting even right-handers, though, it raises the question as to whether the Marlins would consider playing Carroll full time. It's not like Carroll can't hit right-handers, and he is both an upgrade defensively and a better base runner than Hermida.

                Take a look at Carroll's minor-league splits from 2005:

              AB     H     2B     3B     HR     W     K        Avg.       OBP       SLG      OPS

vs. LH    398   114     23       4      11     41    76      .286        ..359       .447      .806

vs. RH  1052   266     74       7      56     59   274     ,253         .313        .496      .809

             Hermida was in the starting lineup Tuesday against Nationals right-hander Craig Stammen. But it should be interesting to see if Gonzalez sticks with the lefty-righty platoon if Hermida continues to slump. And don't be surprised to hear Hermida's name mentioned often in trade rumors before the July 31 deadline. Even if the Marlins see Carroll more as a back-up/platoon-type figure than an everyday player, they have Cameron Maybin knocking on the door. Maybin is tearing it up at Triple A New Orleans.

             Tonight's lineups:

             Nationals: 1. Cristian Guzman, ss; 2. Nick Johnson, 1b; 3. Ryan Zimmerman, 3b; 4. Adam Dunn, lf; 5. Josh Willingham, rf; 6. Elijah Dukes, cf; 7. Alberto Gonzalez, 2b; 8. Wil Nieves, c; 9. Craig Stammen, rhp. 

             Marlins: 1. Chris Coghlan, lf; 2. Emilio Bonifacio, 3b; 3. Hanley Ramirez, ss; 4. Jorge Cantu, 1b; 5. Jeremy Hermida, rf; 6. Dan Uggla, 2b; 7. Cody Ross, cf; 8. John Baker, c; 9. Sean West, lhp. 





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Another hustle play by Boni -- where are all the haters now? just like any player he had a long bad stretch -- now its coming together. And Fredi's by the book strategy cost us a run again by going to the shift on defense to allow a run.


Sean West needs the Ricky Nolasco treatment and be sent down to the minors -- this should have happend some time ago. He has been up here a little longer than he should have. Don't get me wrong, he has shown some flashes of good, but has shown his share of rookie flaws that need work and the best place for that is the minors.


Sean West would only get the 'Ricky Nolasco treatment' if he were actually a staff ace who started the year as a proven starter. It's a horrible attemmpt at an analogy due to both situations being entirely different. West is inconsistent at times and wow, how shocking is that coming from a rookie pitcher. I remember guy's named Burnett, Beckett, and Penny who performed absolutely the same way. I'm sure you were calling for their heads as well at that time. It's not as if West has imploded start after start after start as Nolasco did in April and May. Also, the Marlins don't have a whole lot of other options to go to. Badenhop is an option, but not a good one at that. He's a bullpen arm plain and simple. Of course, I'm sure if they did go to Badenhop you would be calling for his head too.


As for Hermida, sadly his time as a regular in this lineup needs to come to an end. I've supported this guy for the longest time, but he's proven that he's no better than an average player with horrible defensive OF skills and an unreliable inconsistent bat. He's what you call a 'bust' especially considering the hype he received from Baseball America and the rest of the pundits. He will forever be remembered for hitting that grand slam in his first at bat and having that great series at Wrigley last year, but sadly I can't really remember anything that stands out other than his annoying defensive blunders and on again off again bat. At his age, I'm sure there are still teams out there that value him and believe that maybe a change of scenery will renew that so called potential, so the best case scenario in my mind is to package him up with one of our pitching prospects in the minors (Hurk or Tucker, other) and try to at least land a solid bullpen arm because that is what is really lacking.


Hermida and Vandenhurk for Joakim Soria?

I think that KC would do it. This would allow Nunez to move back into the settup role, with Soria closing, Meyer and Pinto as lefty specialist's and Badenhop, Sanches, etc. I like that bullpen a lot, with our starting staff, a callup of Gaby Sanchez for 1B, 3B depth and we may be set for a 2nd half run.


I too believe the Hermida experiment has run its course.
Seems like a good guy but mediocrity seems to be this guys norm.
His d sucks

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