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Cantu: 'Dizziness should end soon'

Marlins first baseman Jorge Cantu left Wednesday's game after another bout with dizziness a result of the medication he's been taking to battle high cholesterol. The good news for the Marlins? The bouts with the dizzy spells, aches and fatigue should be coming to an end soon.

After Wednesday's 13-4 loss to St. Louis, Cantu (who was 2 for 3 with an RBI before leaving in the sixth inning) said he's no longer taking the medication and must simply now wait for it to clear his system. He said it could take between eight to 10 days for the toxins to clear out. Monday was the final time he took the pills.

"It’s just a bad idea to take it during the season," Cantu said. "Hopefully, in a week or so it will clear out. That’s how it cleared out in the past. I was just very dizzy out there. I didn’t want to hurt myself or hurt my team.

Cantu has been feeling the symptons of aching, soreness and fatigure since he first began taking the medication three weeks ago. Before Wednesday's game, he was nearly slumped over in his locker.

"I’ve tried different pills. Not of it helps avoid this," Cantu said. "We have a plan not to do it during the season. That's what we'll use now."