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Lindstrom Still The Closer -- For The Moment -- Despite Shaky Outing

                 When Fredi Gonzalez was asked about Matt Lindstrom after Saturday's shaky performance, the manager looked up at the clock, noted the time, and said the he would go to Lindstrom again Sunday in a save situation if one occurs.

                  "As of 11:08, we'll give the opportunity to Matty," Gonzalez said.

                  Lindstrom, who took over in the ninth with a 5-2 lead, was unable to get ouf of the inning. He loaded the bases and was replaced by Leo Nunez with two outs. Nunez gave up a 2-run single to Aaron Rowand before striking out Edgar Renteria to end the game.

                 Lindstrom, who now has a 6.17 ERA, has had his moments

                 It looks like, at least for now, Gonzalez is sticking with Lindstrom. Would you do the same?

                 -- After Saturday's game, the Marlins optioned right-handed pitcher Tim Wood to Triple A New Orleans in order to make room for Ricky Nolasco, who will be activated Sunday.


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This is just one of the many reasons you can add to the list as to why Fredi Gonzalez should be fired as our manager. He should have been fired ages ago but this makes it that much more urgent to do. I am a fine of Lindstrom and root him on as well as this team, but he just does not have what it takes to be a closer and it is obvious. He has the stuff. But does not have the deamoner, mentality, and most importantly -- confidence to be successful in this role. Frei must go. And Linstrom needs to move to setup man while Nunez closes.


where is Jose Ceda?

henry lopez

I agree, Freddie should have stayed in Atlanta and we NEVER SHOULD HAVE FIRED GIRALDI. While you are at it, fire Little Hitler Sampson, what a waste. Where is our bat that was promised when the stadium deal was announced? Team and fans are being short changed, cheap tight wad owner making more money than he deserves. Remember that MLB practically gave him this team for FREE.. We deserve better, the players deserve better, hell they almost traded Cody Ross last week to Atlanta. SHAME ON YOU SAMPSON, LORIA. Sell the team to an owner that really cares about baseball not Art. Go back to Montreal or what ever hole you came from. Read this and remember, before the season ends,we will trade HERMIDA, CANTUN AND UGLA for nobodys. Great deal for Cabrera, where is Maybin, Miller(supposse to be an ALL STAR). BS.




I loved Giraldi.

That said, Girardi sucks. Not only did he help ruin our 2007 season, but he hasn't done anything in NYC either.


The Lindstrom situation is a tough one because Nunez did horribly as closer in the one attempt I remember. Even last night Nunez came in and gave up a hit to make it a 5-4 game. I went back and watched it and Nunez did have better command of the strike zone. Still, as far I remember, Nunez is one for two in saves. For now, Lindstrom should still be the closer. However, his leash should be short. If he continues to struggle and Nunez comes in and gets one or two more saves the fans might see Lindstrom back in the setup role, where he excels, and Nunez as the closer.

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