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More Fastballs from Nolasco

   Manager Fredi Gonzalez said one goal that Ricky Nolasco, who is expected to start against the NolGiants on Sunday, was asked to work on in his time at Triple A New Orleans was to use his fastball more often.

   Gonzalez said Nolasco threw too many off-speed pitches with the Marlins this season before being sent down.

   “The goal that [pitching coach] Mark [Wiley] wanted [Nolasco] to do was pitch more with his fastball instead of going to the cutter, the breaking ball,” Gonzalez said. “He did that his second start [in New Orleans].”

   On Monday, Nolasco pitched seven innings, allowed six hits and one run. In his first start for the Zephyrs, Nolasco pitched eight innings, allowed six hits and three runs and struck out seven.

   In his nine starts this season, Nolasco never got past the sixth inning.

   Gonzalez thinks earlier this season Nolasco was relying too much on his off-speed pitches and fell behind batters. The league hit .344 against Nolasco.

   “I think [throwing too many off-speed pitches] got him in trouble,” Gonzalez said. “I don’t know if I would say too much [trouble] but I think that got him behind in the count with it.”



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If the Marlins would have known that Adrian Gonzalez was going to develop this kind of power, do they still trade for Urbina in 03?


You kind of have to live with that trade, Russell. Urbina was a major reason we were able to win the WS. If Looper would have continued as the closer, we would have blown a few games down the stretch and in the playoffs that would have ended our season.


I do not think you can ever argue that a trade that helped you win a World Series was a bad one. When you consider that our 1st basemen have been Conine, Delgado, and Jacobs since then, it is clear that 1st base has not been a problem for this team. Now we have Cantu anchoring that spot and he has been good defesively and offensively. Since the trade helped us win in 03 and 1st base has not been a black hole since since then, it was a good trade.

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