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Official Scorer's Decision Proves Costly to Sanches

               Marlins reliever Brian Sanches is out $175 -- and his first big-league hit -- after the official scorer reversed a call on Wednesday, taking a base hit away from Sanches and ruling it an error.

               "It's cruel," Sanches said.

               The scorer initially credited Sanches with a base hit when he reached on a swinging bunt in the fifth inning. The hit would have been worth $175 to Sanches, as the bullpen has a running pool in which it rewards fellow relievers for hits: $25 for a single, $50 for a double, $75 for a triple and $100 for a home run.

               Sanches' hit would have been the first this season by a member of the Marlins bullpen.

               But, after further review, the scorer changed the call to an error, ruling that Milwaukee pitcher Braden Looper's poor throw to first enabled Sanches to reach.

               "They've changed the ruling, so now we don't pay," said Marlins reliever Dan Meyer.

               Complained Sanches: "He (the scorer) was told he took away my first hit, and he still did it."