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June 23, 2009

MLB Denies Yankees Protest, Result Stands: Marlins 6, Yankees 5

         The Marlins received word from Major League Baseball offices on Tuesday that the New York Yankees' protest of Sunday's game had been denied and that the result stands -- Marlins 6, Yankees 5.

         The Yankees protested the game over a lineup mix-up by the Marlins in the top of the eighth inning. Had the protest been upheld, the game would have been re-started at the point of infraction, with the Yankees coming to bat in the top of the eighth and the Marlins leading 6-3.

         Instead, the league decided the infraction wasn't serious enough to warrant a do-over.

         Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez, who owned up to the mistake, said he was relieved.

          "It's embarassing, big-time embarassing," Gonzalez said. "You've got 25 guys on your team, and six coaches and staff members, and 50,000 people in the stands and, whatever, two million viewers. I'll tell you what, it's not easy. It's embarassing. And to get the game protested, and then you have an off day (Monday) -- it's a tough couple of days."

          Lineup: 1. Chris Coghlan, lf; 2. Emilio Bonifacio, 3b; 3. Hanley Ramirez, ss; 4. Jorge Cantu, 1b; 5. Jeremy Hermida, rf; 6. Dan Uggla, 2b; 7. Cody Ross, cf; 8. John Baker, c; 9. Andrew Miller, lhp.

         -- DL'd pitchers Kiko Calero and Anibal Sanchez both threw off flat ground on Tuesday.


June 22, 2009

Hanley Ramirez takes All-Star lead at shortstop

A day after breaking out of the second-longest home run drought of his career, Hanley Ramirez surged back into the top spot to start at shortstop in next month's All-Star Game in St. Louis.

Ramirez leaped in front of the Phillies' Jimmy Rollins with 1,647,482 votes this week. Rollins, who led for two weeks, now trails with 1,494,466 votes.Hanley swings at a pitch Sunday versus the Yankees.

The numbers are close even though Ramirez (.328, nine HRs, 36 RBI, nine steals) has far out-performed the former league MVP and two-time Gold Glove winner (.217, six, 27, 10) this season.

Ramirez went 100 at-bats without hitting a home run before hitting the game-tying blast Sunday in a 6-5 win over the Yankees. His 87 home runs and 410 runs scored are the most by any shortstop in baseball since 2006.

Dan Uggla is the only other Marlin receiving considerable votes. The two-time All-Star second baseman has 475,372 votes but is a distant fifth to Chase Utley (2,922,796).

All-Star voting concludes at 11:59 p.m. on July 2.

> Don't expect a decision on Joe Girardi's protest during Sunday's game until Tuesday at the earliest. And don't expect it to get granted either. Baseball hasn't approved a protest since 1986 for the Pirates and Cardinals.  

Perhaps the most famous case is the George Brett pine tar bat homer on from July 24, 1983. In that case, the umpires were following the existing rules to the letter when Brett's homer was negated and he was called out. However, AL President Lee MacPhail ruled that the penalty was not within the "spirit of the rules" and reversed the call. Brett was awarded the home run and the game was resumed from that point.

Giradi is basically hoping to resume the game in the top of the eighth inning with nobody out and the Yankees down 6-3 because of one pitch and a mixup in the Marlins outfield. That didn't exactly change the score or the outcome of the game.

June 21, 2009

Your Yankees-Marlins live-blog, series finale edition

Hey everybody, this is David Quinones and we're here at LandShark Stadium getting set for the third game of the once-in-a-decade weekend interleague series between the Yankees and Marlins. Lineups to come, so get your cards ready...


Jeter ss

Swisher rf

Texeira 1b

Arod (!!!) 3b

Robi Cano 2b

Posada c

Cabrera lf

Gardner cf

Sabathia p


Coghlan lf

Helms 3b

Ramirez ss

Cantu 1b

Uggla 2b

Paulino c

Ross cf

Carroll rf

Volstad p

Conspicuously absent, Emilio Bonafacio, who was caught stealing by Jorge Posada on a terrible attempt last night. Series is tied 1-1, with the Bombers winning on Friday, 5-1, and the Fish coming back for a 2-1 win last night thanks to Josh Johnson's strong outing.

Everybody at home or in the office, count your blessings. Temperature at LandShark for first pitch: a cool 95 degrees.

First pitch: 5:07 p.m. First "Let's go Yankees" chants: 5:11 p.m. Nick Swisher doubles to center.

Top 1st: Lots of boos mixed with some cheers for A-Rod's first at-bat. I'm sure he'll reply with a carefully crafted press release.

A-Rod strands Swisher to bring the Marlins up, slump grows to 8 for 56.

Bottom 1st: Coghlan leads off doubling off the right field wall. Already a better leadoff guy than Bonafacio.

Wes Helms knocks in Coghlan, who scored from second. CC does not look good. I mean besides the gut.

Hanley is no help, flying out ever-so-gently to first base.

Anyone out there? Don't forget you can email me at dquinones@MiamiHerald.com or post your comments below. I will try to give you each the individual attention you so desperately crave.

Not sure if this is over the top, but CC Sebathia looks like a big, frumpy, smelly mess. As I say that he strikes out the side.

Top 2nd: Cano and Posada out faster than you can say "Volstad". Inning ends with Gardner grounding out.

Bot 2nd: Alfredo Aceves comes in as CC gets a big, sloppy, overheated hook.

I have to say, as a man who has a little bit of what doctors call a "weight problem", I can empathize with CC. This heat is unbearable, at least it looks like it is from the air conditioned press box.

Aceves induces a warning track shot from Coghlan to end the inning.

CC: 1 1/3 innings, 1 run, 3 hits, 1 bb, 1 so, 28 pitches, 16 strikes.

Top 3rd: Gardner and Aceves out in a matter of moments. Volstad has allowed oine hit through 2 2/3 with Jeet-uh on deck.

Dan Uggla again shows the kind of glove that has made the Marlins middle infield defense the joke of the Major Leagues, mishandling a slow Jeter hit. Jeter advances to second on a wild pitch to Swisher.

Nick Swisher: Take your base. Do the Yanks have a rally under their caps?

Tex swings and misses, but Jeter steals third and we have runners on the corners with a 1-1 count, two outs.

Tex doubles and scores Jeter, Swisher to third, tie game, 1-1, with A-Rod at the bat.

SLUMP-BUSTER ALERT:  A-Rod bloops one to left, scoring Swish and Tex, and ending an 0-16 hitless streak. After a strong start Volstad is struggling.

Volstad escapes the third as Cano flies out to center. And just like that, we done seen us a Yankee run. So that's what $240 million looks like.

Bottom 3rd: Helms goes down swinging on a full-count fastball.

Haha, "You suck, Jeet-uh!"

Hope that coding works.

Guess not, oh well. Here's the link.

Official word-CC left with "tightness in his left bicep", and a sprained ham-bone. He, like all of us, is day to day.

Top 4: Posada (0-2) flies out. I got Mountain Dew on my score sheet. Melky-C flies out to short. Hanley manages not to screw up. Two outs.

Nothing ever seems to go right in the field for Hanley. He should have thrown Gardner out at first but his throw was a bit high and Gardner beat it out.

Hanley gets the put-out on a slow Aceves grounder, inning over, still 3-1 Bombers.

Bottom 4: Aceves has come in and shut down this Marlins team, allowing one hit and no runs. Three up, three down in the third.

Top 5: Tomko warming up, Yanks don't want to over-work Aceves, who doesn't usually pitch this much.

Jeter (1-3, run) is out, so is Nick the Swish. And Texeira makes three. Brett Tomko comes in for Aceves, who allowed one hit, had two strikeouts, pitched 2 2/3 and cleaned up both dugouts and the home bullpen.

Bottom 5: Coghlan leads off with another base hit. He is 2 for 3.

Hanley brushes off my criticism of his fielding by hitting a home run to left-center, tying the game and ending his drought of 100 at-bats without a homer.

Cantu flies out to end the inning.

Top 6: Renyel "Don't call me bean" Pinto is warming up, but for now Volstad stays out. A-Rod leads off. He goes down looking. He'll be talking to Peter Gammons about it in a moment.

Hip-hip, JORGE! ... Grounds out... Inning over.

Paid attendance at LandShark: 35,827.

Bottom 6: Righty Tomko gets Uggla and Paulino in about two minutes.

Cody Ross smacks his 12th homer of the year over the left field wall and the Marlins take the lead, 4-3. Is this the start of a Marlins power-surge? They have the bats, they just haven't really put it together lately.

Brett Carroll flies out to end another run-scoring Marlin inning.

Top 7: Pinto is in after Volstad went 6 innings for 97 pitches (57 strikes) and he is on the hook for the win right now. But are we in for another wild Pinto ride? Was that a rhetorical question? Was that one?

Matsui pinch hits for Tomko, who goes to the clubhouse having blown a lead and given up two home runs. Matsui grounds out to first and we head to the stretch in front 4-3 

Bottom 7: Ate some amorphous, shape-shifting gelatine material in the media cafeteria area. Immediately regretted the decision. One out, Coghlan is up.

Warming up in the Yankee bullpen, former Spur, the Admiral, David Robinson. Oh, Robertson. Nevermind.

Robertson replaces Phil Coke (oh yeah, he entered the game) and now it's the Yankees with middle relief problems.

Robertson walks Hanley, Coghlan - The Yankee Killer - is on second. Jorge Cantu at the plate.

Cantu gets a hit and reaches third on a throwing error by Cabrera, brings home Coghlan and Hanley. Marlins in firm control, 6-3. Wowza.

IT'S CHAOS TO START THE EIGHTH! Two fights in the stands, a blonde mom holding her toddler with one hand and pummeling another mom with the other. A medical emergency behind home plate in the crowd. Some contention over a lineup card snafu has Girardi and Fredi politicking. What the heck is going on here? A sentiment echoed by reporters in the press box. Except for the ones from New York media, who instead are saying, "At'sa matta fa' youse?"

Top 8th: Somehow Jeremy Hermida is in the game. Trash on the field. Confusion. Consternation. Cats and dogs, living together. Yankees go down and have three outs left to make up three runs. Yankee fans are beating a hasty retreat.

Last hope for the Yanks, and A-Rod goes down swinging. Cano grounds out. Lindstrom gives up a single to Posada. Cabrera singles and the Yanks have runners on the corners. Gardner is at bat. Game on the line.

Timely triple by Gardner, who plates Posada and Cabrera. Johnny Damon up to pinch hit for Robertson.

Damon walks. Jeter up. Pena to run for Damon.

Jeter grounds out, game over. Marlins 6, Yankees 5.

Hot Stove: Hanley HR drought, Calero says he'll be fine, Saturday hangover

No shortstop has put up better offensive numbers in the majors since 2006 than Hanley Ramirez. Nobody has scored more runs (409) or hit more balls over the fence (86).

That’s why when he was asked Sunday about the second-longest home run drought in his career, Ramirez was able to laugh about it.

“They’re pitching me golf balls instead of baseballs,” Ramirez joked. “No. Nothing has changed. It’s nothing I can control. All I can keep doing is swinging hard and when it goes out, it goes out.”

The last time Ramirez hit one out entering Sunday was May 22nd off Tampa Bay’s Andy Sonnestine. He’s got 98 at-bats without one since, but has still hit safely in 44 of his last 55 games (.343).

Manager Fredi Gonzalez said Ramirez (.328, 8 HRs, 34 RBI for the seasn) needs to change nothing about his swing.

“He’s hit some balls hard,” Gonzalez said. “He hit one here against the Yankees where he hit the scoreboard. Same in Boston. In Toronto he hit some balls hard to right field. I think he’s fine. He’ll get some pitches where he’ll elevate and he’ll hit some home runs. But I wouldn’t change a bit. I wouldn’t change a thing of what he’s doing. You don’t swing for home runs anyway.”

Ramirez said he tweaked his sore groin when he attempted to steal second base in the fourth inning on a ball that was fouled off. But he said he didn’t feel any more pain when he woke up Sunday.

“All I want to do is keep going out to win games,” Ramirez said. “That’s what I get paid for. Not to sit the bench.”

CALERO SAYS 'I'LL BE FINE': Sunday, the Marlins placed Kiko Calero – one of the most valuable bullpen arms in the majors – on the disabled list with right shoulder inflammation and called up Tim Wood from Triple A New Orleans to replace him.

The good news? It doesn’t look like Calero’s shoulder injury is serious. Gonzalez said he expects Calero, who was placed on the DL retroactive to his last outing against Boston Thursday, to be able to pitch as soon as his stint is up.

“I started feeling tired, like fatigued the last couple weeks,” said Calero, who met with doctors earlier in the week and had an MRI done that didn’t reveal any tears.

“I pitched against the Cardinals and I felt weird. Then, I pitched against the Blue Jays and I felt good, but not so good. Then I pitched against Boston and I felt like I threw the ball and I didn’t see the movement. I couldn’t throw it where I wanted. I didn’t want to pitch like that because I didn’t want to hurt the team.”

So, Calero, who played catch Saturday, said he met with Gonzalez and the two agreed a a couple weeks off was the best solution. Calero began the 2008 season on the disabled list with a torn right rotator cuff as a member of the Athletics and missed 66 games.

The 34-year old has excelled since joining the Marlins this season (2.09 ERA). He ranks second in the bigs in appearances (36).

“In two weeks I’m going to be fine,” Calero said. “I just need to get some strength back.”

SATURDAY HANGOVER: Several Marlins players were still buzzing about the atmosphere of Saturday night’s 2-1 win over the Yankees a day later.

The third largest crowd to watch a Marlins game (46,427) certainly made it entertaining with the 25,000 cowbells handed out before the game. Gonzalez said the only thing missing was the bunting, “that red, white and blue stuff” the put around the stadium for playoff games.

“It was fun,” Gonzalez said. “It took an hour and a half to get out of the parking lot. It was emotionally charged up. The coaches were charged up. The bench was charged up. It wasn’t because it was the Yankees. There were 45,000 people excited about a 2-1 game. You knew in the back of your head if you screw something up here its going to be game over. We didn’t.”

> Before the Marlins started batting practice I spotted Hanley Ramirez and Wes Helms exchanging a few words. Manager Fredi Gonzalez came over to separate them. I didn't see the players speak to each other after that. We'll have to see if they talk about it after the game.

Kiko Calero Goes On DL; Johnson, Maybin and VandenHurk

     Kiko Calero's heavy workload finally caught up with him. The steady right-hander, whose 36 relief appearances ranks second in the majors, was placed on the 15-day DL on Sunday with right Calero shoulder inflammation. The Marlins filled his spot by recalling RHP Tim Wood from Triple A New Orleans.

               Calero hasn't pitched since Wednesday at Fenway Park when he gave up a run on a hit and three walks in 2/3 inning. He's on the DL retroactive to Thursday. Calero (2.01 ERA) was one of the most dependable members of the bullpen for the Marlins

               Wood was up earlier with the Marlins but did not make an appearance.

             Josh Johnson an All-Star?

             Sure, Josh Johnson currently merits selection to the NL All-Star team. If the Marlins don't deviate from their current five-man rotation alignment, Johnson would start the final game before the break in Arizona July 12 -- two days before the All-Star Game in St. Louis. That wouldn't preclude him from pitching in the Midsummer Classic, as it would fall on his normal between-starts throwing day. Manager Fredi Gonzalez said Johnson would probably be okay to throw one All-Star inning.

             Maybin, VandenHurk Excelling at Triple A

             Keep an eye on Cameron Maybin and Rick VandenHurk, who are tearing it up at New Orleans. Maybin went 2 for 5 last night and has now gone 17 for his last 34, with eight walks and only six K's. VandenHurk, who started the season on the injury shelf, improved to 3-0 and now boasts an ERA of 1.82 for the Zephyrs. He has 30 strikeouts (and just five walks) in 29 2/3 innings for the Marlins' Triple A club.

             And Gaby Sanchez also continues to stroke it and looms in wait if the Marlins decide to demote third baeman Emilio Bonifacio  Sanchez moved to third base more than a week ago.


June 20, 2009

Where Will Josh Johnson Be In 2012?

               Don't think the New York Yankees weren't watching Josh Johnson with great interest tonight. I'm not talking about the befuddled Yankees' hitters, who squeezed out a run during the seven innings Johnson was on the hill. I'm talking about the big boys upstairs, the Hank Steinbrenners and Brian Cashmans. They know that unless the Marlins lock up Johnson before his arbitration years expire after the 2011 season, he probably won't be around to make the Opening Day start for the Marlins when their new ballpark opens in '12. He'll be gone, either through free agency or via a trade as the Marlins look to recoup value for him.Josh johnson

       Think the Marlins would offer Johnson a 5-year deal totaling $82.5 million, the one Saturday's loser, A.J. Burnett, struck with the Yankees over the winter? Or a 7-year deal worth $161 million, the contract Sunday's starter for the Bronx Bombers, C.C. Sabathia, signed before the season? Because that's what his agent, Matt Sosnick, thinks Johnson will be worth.

             "The way that I think Josh needs to be valued is somewhere between Burnett's contract and Sabathia's contract, and probably closer to Sabathia's," Sosnick said when I phoned him during another Johnson gem. "Josh is that guy in two years."

             With Saturday's win, Johnson improved to 14-2 since Tommy John surgery. The Marlins have gone 23-6 in his 29 starts since then. Going into Saturday, he ranked 10th in the majors this season in earned run average, ninth in WHIP, and fifth in batting average against (at least 80 innings pitched). He recorded his 13th quality start, which is tied for the most in the majors. He has emerged as one of the majors' elite pitchers and he is putting up the kinds of numbers that make the big spenders drool with anticipation.

             The Marlins seldom offer long-term contracts and are especially reluctant to award them to fragile-armed pitchers. But the time to act is drawing near, as Johnson should get $4 million to $5 million in his second year of arbitration eligibility and much more than that in his final year in 2011.

            Hanley Ramirez will be a Marlin when the new ballpark opens. Will Josh Johnson?             


A-Rod will return Sunday says Girardi

Barring any unforeseen setbacks, Alex Rodriguez will play his first regular season game in front of his hometown Sunday as planned.

Manager Joe Girardi addressed A-Rod's absence from the lineup for the first two games of the series again Saturday and reiterated it was fatigue the reason he was benched.

"I think he understood and knew this is what was best for him," Girardi said. ‘‘Everything is always [blown up] when it comes Alex. We talked to him yesterday about how he has to tell us if he's fatigued. If he's not going to tell us he is, than I'll make the decision for him."

Teammate Johnny Damon said it was probably a good thing Rodriguez missed the first two games of the series against the Marlins. "Alex has been struggling. He's not at full strength," Damon said. "This is his spring training. One day doesn't always do it. Maybe he can even take Sunday off and then we're off on Monday and he can get four days off. It depends on how we're playing. Joe Girardi is a great baseball man. He understands slumps. In the long run this will be better for our team."

WEST HAS BEEN HURTING: Sean West had a tough outing Friday night against the Yankees, giving up a career- high 10 hits and five earned runs in the shorting outing of his career (four innings).

But West's second career loss was not nearly as difficult for him to deal with than his previous start against the Blue Jays on June 10th. That day, a funeral was taking place for his 70-year old grandmother, Mimi, back home in Louisiana.

Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez said he asked West if he wanted to skip the start and head home, but the 23-year old rookie refused, telling Gonzalez "my grandmother would have wanted me to pitch." West did and beat the Blue Jays, pitching 5-2/3 innings and giving up four earned runs to pick up his second win.

"He handled it great," Gonzalez said. "People talk about the Yankees and this kind of stuff. How much more difficult is to pitch and compete and win when something like that happens with your family?"

West said his grandmother had been immobilized for nearly six years after a stroke. "I don't want people to make a big deal about it," West said. "I know she's in a better place now."

SANCHES ROLLING: The Marlins have put together one of baseball's better bullpens this season with a collection of pitchers plucked from the recycling bin.

Right-hander Brian Sanches has quietly become another example since being called up from Triple A New Orleans on May 18. The 30-year old has made 13 appearances and given up just one earned run -- a home run to Boston's Jacoby Ellsbury earlier this week -- in 15 innings.

Before this season, Sanches had a career 6.12 ERA in 40 major league games.

Saturday, Gonzalez called Sanches ‘a tremendous find.'

"I'm just trying to stay aggressive in the strike zone, stay aggressive toward the hitters," said Sanches, who said a developed cutter has made a big difference for him.‘‘If I get beat, I get beat being aggressive. My past appearances us here I've got into trouble being too fine with pitches. I'm just not doing that anymore."

> Anibal Sanchez, on the disabled list for the second time this season with a shoulder sprain, received clearance from doctors Friday night to resume playing catch and did so Saturday.

But Gonzalez said it will be a long while before Sanchez pitches on the mound again. When asked if he thought Sanchez could return after the All-Star break, he declined to speculate saying only "it's going to be a long time."

"[The doctor] told me the same thing as last time 'You have to wait until you feel better and you have to do things little by little and have patience," Sanchez said. "I feel a little discomfort. But that's going to go away. Bottomline, I just want to get it right so when I do come back, I don't have to deal with it anymore."

June 19, 2009

West takes loss as "learning experience"

It's not often a 22-year old left-hander gets to take on a $200 million batting order.

So, despite the fact he got shelled by the Yankees Friday night in what was by far his worst outing of his six major league starts, Marlins left-hander Sean West isn't going to go cry in a corner. To West, it was a challenge he didn't meet and a learning experience.

“That’s a good group of hitters, best money can buy,” West said. “They got a pretty powerful lineup. I tried to throw strikes and they capitalized on my mistakes. It’s a learning experience.”

West said his changeup simply wasn't falling over for strikes and it cost him. The double Jeter to open the game? High changeup. The ball Angel Berroa smacked for an RBI double? High changeup.

What went right? “I threw a lot of strikes and I didn’t look at these guys any differently than I did previous teams," said West, who gave up 10 hits and five earned runs in four innings. "I came out throwing strikes and they swung early. I just left some balls up and they capitalized on it."

West certainly wasn't scared of the Yankees. In fact, he was disappointed when Alex Rodriguez was scratched from the lineup before the game. And he liked the fact most of the 35,000 in attendance were rooting for the Yankees. "It definitely added a few miles per hour to my fastball," West said. "But I do wish I would have had a chance to pitch to A-Rod. That's how you measure yourself."

A-Rod will sit till Sunday

Alex Rodriguez will be in uniform for the Yankees tonight at LandShark Stadium. He just won't be in the lineup.

The 33-year old former Miami Westminster Christian star was scratched from the Yankees lineup Friday afternoon for what manager Joe Girardi described as fatigue. Girardi said Rodriguez will be available to hit, but he'd like to give him two days off.

Rodriguez, a three-time league MVP, hasn't had a day off since returning from hip surgery on May 8th.

He's been struggling at the plate lately, going eight for 55 with two home runs in the June. His batting average has slipped from .260 to .212 for the season.

Girardi inserted Angel Berroa as the replacement Rodriguez at third base.

The Marlins are expecting their biggest crowds of the season this weekend with the Yankees in town. The Yankees haven't played a regular season series in Miami since 2001 when 116,525 showed up for three games in July.

> The Marlins, meanwhile, have shook up their lineup a little too after their trips to Toronto and Boston. Red-hot rookie Chris Coghlan will stay at the top of the lineup and Emilio Bonifacio is out of it.

MARLINS LINEUP: 1. Chris Coghlan LF, 2. Wes Helms 3B, 3. Hanley Ramirez SS, 4. Jorge Cantu 1B, 5. Dan Uggla 2B, 6. Ronny Paulino C, 7. Jeremy Hermida RF, 8. Cody Ross CF, 9. Sean West LHP.

Marlins Return Home Damp, But Delighted

              BOSTON -- Rain became an ally for the Marlins, who escaped Boston with a 2-1 victory that was called in the sixth.

             Some final thoughts from a road trip in which the Marlins went 4-2, advanced into third place, and went from eight games out in the NL East to five behind Philadelphia:

             -- Ricky Nolasco looked the best he has all season, especially on Thursday when he all but shut down the Red Sox. Kevin Youkilis touched him for a home run, but the only other Boston baserunner reached on Emilio Bonifacio's dropped pop. Nolasco pitched a total of 11 innings on the trip, allowing two runs on six hits. He struck out 14 and walked just one. Nolasco's return to form would be huge for the Marlins.

            -- Chris Coghlan has exceeded expectations in the leadoff position. Coghlan reached base in 15 of his 28 at bats on the road trip for a .536 on-base percentage. Overall, Coghlan's .429 on-base percentage in the leadoff position is the best among all major league players with at least 75 plate appearances in the No. 1 spot.

            -- The bullpen should be well-rested for the Yankees series. It wasn't used at all on Thursday, only Burke Badenhop entered on Wednesday, and Matt Lindstrom and Dan Meyer were not used at all in the Red Sox series. Plus, Renyel Pinto will be rejoining the club on Friday.