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West takes loss as "learning experience"

It's not often a 22-year old left-hander gets to take on a $200 million batting order.

So, despite the fact he got shelled by the Yankees Friday night in what was by far his worst outing of his six major league starts, Marlins left-hander Sean West isn't going to go cry in a corner. To West, it was a challenge he didn't meet and a learning experience.

“That’s a good group of hitters, best money can buy,” West said. “They got a pretty powerful lineup. I tried to throw strikes and they capitalized on my mistakes. It’s a learning experience.”

West said his changeup simply wasn't falling over for strikes and it cost him. The double Jeter to open the game? High changeup. The ball Angel Berroa smacked for an RBI double? High changeup.

What went right? “I threw a lot of strikes and I didn’t look at these guys any differently than I did previous teams," said West, who gave up 10 hits and five earned runs in four innings. "I came out throwing strikes and they swung early. I just left some balls up and they capitalized on it."

West certainly wasn't scared of the Yankees. In fact, he was disappointed when Alex Rodriguez was scratched from the lineup before the game. And he liked the fact most of the 35,000 in attendance were rooting for the Yankees. "It definitely added a few miles per hour to my fastball," West said. "But I do wish I would have had a chance to pitch to A-Rod. That's how you measure yourself."