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What Should the Marlins Do?

                  Closer Matt Lindstrom is expected to miss the next six weeks with an elbow injury. Leo Nunez is limping around on a sprained right ankle. And Kiko Calero is on the disabled list with a bum shoulder. Despite all the havoc to the bullpen, the Marlins have crept back into contention. What should their next step be?



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stormn crawford

call up that stan kid an put chris at third stan at left an bonifacio at second then trade uggla for a couple of young arms an one hitter


Marlins are probably going to need a reliever. The starting pitching is doing better in going later into the game, but you still need to have several solid relief ptichers for those extra inning games as well as bad outings (early exits) by your starters. Badenhop has been great in his relief role, that guy is really becoming a reliable pitcher.


Responding to the poll, after last night I would say none of the above. Nunez has been given a few chances to close out games and has done worse than Lindstrom. After Meyer's 1-2-3 9th last night, the team should give him another shot in the next save oppurtunity. If Meyer works out-and that's a big if at this point-he just made 3rd base our biggest priority. Then again, maybe the switch went off for Bonifacio last night.


the switch that makes him give up two run errors?


I don't think that Nunez is ready to be a closer just yet... His performance can still be up and down... However, I think FG need to leave him in when he pitches a great 1,2,3 8th inning and let him finish off the game. I know it goes against theory to let the setup man continue and close... But you have to ride an arm that is working over something you can't be sure of till you bring them in.

Agree that Myer should get another chance. Although his fast ball last night wasn't in the 98 mph zone, he also went 1,2,3. More importantly, however, is his bag of pitches. Unlike Lindstrom (aka the new Kevin Greggs) he has more than a fastball and slider to pick from and at times shows that he can be a natural pitcher


I say that the Marlins give Meyer the chance to close tonight if the opportunity arises.

Than, hopefully Nunez is healthy for the TB series this weekend and give him the role. Let us see if he can do it.

Than I would like to see them call-up Henry Owens and Vandenhurk. I can see those two helping out in the backend of the bullpen.

I can even see Henry Owens as the settup guy to Nunez. Vandenhurk as maybe a 6-7 inning guy. Pinto and Meyer as lefty specialist.


Rob-I was focusing more on the offensive side of the game with that comment. Putting the ball in play and getting on base twice yesterday. It was fun watching him on the basepaths. Although, last night Bonifacio made plenty of good plays over at third before the error. I'm not going to sit here and say he's a good defensive player over there, in fact, he's horrible, but I will give him credit when he deserves it.

Frank-The flip side to leaving Nunez in to pitch two innings is you lose that great arm the next day. All of a sudden you are going from using these guys 3 days straight before they need a rest to only once or twice every 4 days.


I like the idea of Storm Crawford though I still have faith in Uggla. I think you scenario will help our team in the long run.


If Meyer closes out the game tonight, you do not remove him from the role because Nunez is healthy. Until Meyer proves he can't do it you use him as the main closer and mix and match when he is not available. I'm not a big fan of the "use Nunez as closer movement" because the guy has had oppurtunities and has been worse than Lindstrom at it. Nunez has at least two blown saves already and he has not even had half the oppurtunities Lindstrom has. At this point, I am more open to using Calero as closer when he gets healthy.


Kiko Calero should be our closer.
He is the only late guy outside of Meyer that can throw strikes.
Save Lindstrom for next year , he aint ready !


Sanches as the closer?...
He closed in the minors and he has an infinitesimal ERA in the majors thus far.
Might as well give him a shot.
If not him, Nunez. He has prototypical closer "stuff"--- the upper 90's fastball and a devastating change.
As for the rest of the 'pen, let Leroux and Wood show what they're capable of.


Kiki Calero should be the closer. He has the control, experience, and temperment. Let's not overwork him any more, though.


What they really should do is get a owner/partner. Someone with some damn money. But you guys won't run with that. Keep kissin' Loria's butt guys!

 psl bill

loria is a cheap ### ####

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