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Where Will Josh Johnson Be In 2012?

               Don't think the New York Yankees weren't watching Josh Johnson with great interest tonight. I'm not talking about the befuddled Yankees' hitters, who squeezed out a run during the seven innings Johnson was on the hill. I'm talking about the big boys upstairs, the Hank Steinbrenners and Brian Cashmans. They know that unless the Marlins lock up Johnson before his arbitration years expire after the 2011 season, he probably won't be around to make the Opening Day start for the Marlins when their new ballpark opens in '12. He'll be gone, either through free agency or via a trade as the Marlins look to recoup value for him.Josh johnson

       Think the Marlins would offer Johnson a 5-year deal totaling $82.5 million, the one Saturday's loser, A.J. Burnett, struck with the Yankees over the winter? Or a 7-year deal worth $161 million, the contract Sunday's starter for the Bronx Bombers, C.C. Sabathia, signed before the season? Because that's what his agent, Matt Sosnick, thinks Johnson will be worth.

             "The way that I think Josh needs to be valued is somewhere between Burnett's contract and Sabathia's contract, and probably closer to Sabathia's," Sosnick said when I phoned him during another Johnson gem. "Josh is that guy in two years."

             With Saturday's win, Johnson improved to 14-2 since Tommy John surgery. The Marlins have gone 23-6 in his 29 starts since then. Going into Saturday, he ranked 10th in the majors this season in earned run average, ninth in WHIP, and fifth in batting average against (at least 80 innings pitched). He recorded his 13th quality start, which is tied for the most in the majors. He has emerged as one of the majors' elite pitchers and he is putting up the kinds of numbers that make the big spenders drool with anticipation.

             The Marlins seldom offer long-term contracts and are especially reluctant to award them to fragile-armed pitchers. But the time to act is drawing near, as Johnson should get $4 million to $5 million in his second year of arbitration eligibility and much more than that in his final year in 2011.

            Hanley Ramirez will be a Marlin when the new ballpark opens. Will Josh Johnson?             



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hell he better be a marlin. him cody ross and chris coghlin are my favorite players on the team, and hanley of course


He is a Yankee, lock it up

Stormn crawford

If they cant trade him away for a guy like hanley, Then he will be a marlin


I thought that a big part of getting the new ballpark was in order to be able to lock up guys like JJ, which we were not able to do in the past with Beckett and AJ and so many others.


No player is worth 23 million per year. I don't think, nor expect the Marlins will sign him for that kind of money.

Even with the new stadium, the Marlins plan on having an average team salary in the 80 million dollar range. I am sure the team is not going to give one fourth of the money to one player.

That kind of money is better spent on two or three other star players in addition to the value of the players or prospects that we would acquire in a trade for Johnson.

So lets enjoy seeing Johnson pitch for the Marlins for now, and wish him well playing elsewhere in the future.

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