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Your Yankees-Marlins live-blog, series finale edition

Hey everybody, this is David Quinones and we're here at LandShark Stadium getting set for the third game of the once-in-a-decade weekend interleague series between the Yankees and Marlins. Lineups to come, so get your cards ready...


Jeter ss

Swisher rf

Texeira 1b

Arod (!!!) 3b

Robi Cano 2b

Posada c

Cabrera lf

Gardner cf

Sabathia p


Coghlan lf

Helms 3b

Ramirez ss

Cantu 1b

Uggla 2b

Paulino c

Ross cf

Carroll rf

Volstad p

Conspicuously absent, Emilio Bonafacio, who was caught stealing by Jorge Posada on a terrible attempt last night. Series is tied 1-1, with the Bombers winning on Friday, 5-1, and the Fish coming back for a 2-1 win last night thanks to Josh Johnson's strong outing.

Everybody at home or in the office, count your blessings. Temperature at LandShark for first pitch: a cool 95 degrees.

First pitch: 5:07 p.m. First "Let's go Yankees" chants: 5:11 p.m. Nick Swisher doubles to center.

Top 1st: Lots of boos mixed with some cheers for A-Rod's first at-bat. I'm sure he'll reply with a carefully crafted press release.

A-Rod strands Swisher to bring the Marlins up, slump grows to 8 for 56.

Bottom 1st: Coghlan leads off doubling off the right field wall. Already a better leadoff guy than Bonafacio.

Wes Helms knocks in Coghlan, who scored from second. CC does not look good. I mean besides the gut.

Hanley is no help, flying out ever-so-gently to first base.

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Not sure if this is over the top, but CC Sebathia looks like a big, frumpy, smelly mess. As I say that he strikes out the side.

Top 2nd: Cano and Posada out faster than you can say "Volstad". Inning ends with Gardner grounding out.

Bot 2nd: Alfredo Aceves comes in as CC gets a big, sloppy, overheated hook.

I have to say, as a man who has a little bit of what doctors call a "weight problem", I can empathize with CC. This heat is unbearable, at least it looks like it is from the air conditioned press box.

Aceves induces a warning track shot from Coghlan to end the inning.

CC: 1 1/3 innings, 1 run, 3 hits, 1 bb, 1 so, 28 pitches, 16 strikes.

Top 3rd: Gardner and Aceves out in a matter of moments. Volstad has allowed oine hit through 2 2/3 with Jeet-uh on deck.

Dan Uggla again shows the kind of glove that has made the Marlins middle infield defense the joke of the Major Leagues, mishandling a slow Jeter hit. Jeter advances to second on a wild pitch to Swisher.

Nick Swisher: Take your base. Do the Yanks have a rally under their caps?

Tex swings and misses, but Jeter steals third and we have runners on the corners with a 1-1 count, two outs.

Tex doubles and scores Jeter, Swisher to third, tie game, 1-1, with A-Rod at the bat.

SLUMP-BUSTER ALERT:  A-Rod bloops one to left, scoring Swish and Tex, and ending an 0-16 hitless streak. After a strong start Volstad is struggling.

Volstad escapes the third as Cano flies out to center. And just like that, we done seen us a Yankee run. So that's what $240 million looks like.

Bottom 3rd: Helms goes down swinging on a full-count fastball.

Haha, "You suck, Jeet-uh!"

Hope that coding works.

Guess not, oh well. Here's the link.

Official word-CC left with "tightness in his left bicep", and a sprained ham-bone. He, like all of us, is day to day.

Top 4: Posada (0-2) flies out. I got Mountain Dew on my score sheet. Melky-C flies out to short. Hanley manages not to screw up. Two outs.

Nothing ever seems to go right in the field for Hanley. He should have thrown Gardner out at first but his throw was a bit high and Gardner beat it out.

Hanley gets the put-out on a slow Aceves grounder, inning over, still 3-1 Bombers.

Bottom 4: Aceves has come in and shut down this Marlins team, allowing one hit and no runs. Three up, three down in the third.

Top 5: Tomko warming up, Yanks don't want to over-work Aceves, who doesn't usually pitch this much.

Jeter (1-3, run) is out, so is Nick the Swish. And Texeira makes three. Brett Tomko comes in for Aceves, who allowed one hit, had two strikeouts, pitched 2 2/3 and cleaned up both dugouts and the home bullpen.

Bottom 5: Coghlan leads off with another base hit. He is 2 for 3.

Hanley brushes off my criticism of his fielding by hitting a home run to left-center, tying the game and ending his drought of 100 at-bats without a homer.

Cantu flies out to end the inning.

Top 6: Renyel "Don't call me bean" Pinto is warming up, but for now Volstad stays out. A-Rod leads off. He goes down looking. He'll be talking to Peter Gammons about it in a moment.

Hip-hip, JORGE! ... Grounds out... Inning over.

Paid attendance at LandShark: 35,827.

Bottom 6: Righty Tomko gets Uggla and Paulino in about two minutes.

Cody Ross smacks his 12th homer of the year over the left field wall and the Marlins take the lead, 4-3. Is this the start of a Marlins power-surge? They have the bats, they just haven't really put it together lately.

Brett Carroll flies out to end another run-scoring Marlin inning.

Top 7: Pinto is in after Volstad went 6 innings for 97 pitches (57 strikes) and he is on the hook for the win right now. But are we in for another wild Pinto ride? Was that a rhetorical question? Was that one?

Matsui pinch hits for Tomko, who goes to the clubhouse having blown a lead and given up two home runs. Matsui grounds out to first and we head to the stretch in front 4-3 

Bottom 7: Ate some amorphous, shape-shifting gelatine material in the media cafeteria area. Immediately regretted the decision. One out, Coghlan is up.

Warming up in the Yankee bullpen, former Spur, the Admiral, David Robinson. Oh, Robertson. Nevermind.

Robertson replaces Phil Coke (oh yeah, he entered the game) and now it's the Yankees with middle relief problems.

Robertson walks Hanley, Coghlan - The Yankee Killer - is on second. Jorge Cantu at the plate.

Cantu gets a hit and reaches third on a throwing error by Cabrera, brings home Coghlan and Hanley. Marlins in firm control, 6-3. Wowza.

IT'S CHAOS TO START THE EIGHTH! Two fights in the stands, a blonde mom holding her toddler with one hand and pummeling another mom with the other. A medical emergency behind home plate in the crowd. Some contention over a lineup card snafu has Girardi and Fredi politicking. What the heck is going on here? A sentiment echoed by reporters in the press box. Except for the ones from New York media, who instead are saying, "At'sa matta fa' youse?"

Top 8th: Somehow Jeremy Hermida is in the game. Trash on the field. Confusion. Consternation. Cats and dogs, living together. Yankees go down and have three outs left to make up three runs. Yankee fans are beating a hasty retreat.

Last hope for the Yanks, and A-Rod goes down swinging. Cano grounds out. Lindstrom gives up a single to Posada. Cabrera singles and the Yanks have runners on the corners. Gardner is at bat. Game on the line.

Timely triple by Gardner, who plates Posada and Cabrera. Johnny Damon up to pinch hit for Robertson.

Damon walks. Jeter up. Pena to run for Damon.

Jeter grounds out, game over. Marlins 6, Yankees 5.