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Burke Badenhop, Fredi Gonzalez Receive League Suspensions, Fines

                Major League Baseball has suspended Marlins pitcher Burke Badenhop for three games and manager Fredi Gonzalez for one as the result of Sunday's actions in Los Angeles. The league office determined that Badenhop "intentionally" hit the Dodgers' Orlando Hudson in the bottom of the seventh -- after a warning had been issued to both dugouts by home plate umpire Bob Davidson.

               The warning was issued after the Dodgers' Jeff Weaver hit Hanley Ramirez with a pitch in the top of the sixth. Weaver threw two pitches near Ramirez. The first one missed. Weaver was fined by the league.

               Badenhop and Gonzalez were ejected after the pitcher plunked Hudson. In addition to the suspension, which is scheduled to start Tuesday, Badenhop was fined $1,000. Judging by the jubilant reaction of Marlins teammates after he hit Hudson, it's a good bet a collection plate will be passed in the clubhouse and Burdenhop won't have to pay a nickel.

               Badenhop does not plan to appeal his suspension, according to his agent, Terry Braun.

               Badenhop is expected to start Saturday's game against the Chicago Cubs. By serving the suspension during the 3-game Atlanta series, he'll be available to make that start.

               Gonzalez cannot appeal his suspension, which will be served Tuesday when the Marlins play the Atlanta Braves



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I am both happy and disappointed about this. Happy because it means Fredi will not be able to manage the next game which increases our chances of winning by more than one could ever imagine. That being said "Minnie Fredi" Carlos Tosca isn't that far from being much like Fredi in his questionable approach to games. I wish it were Fredi that got suspended rather than Burke Badenhop, one of our most realiable arms in the bullpen.


Sad to see our long reliever gone for the Atlanta series.

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