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If Marlins Land Nick Johnson, Can Cameron Maybin Be Far Behind?

             If the Marlins succeed in wrestling Nick Johnson away from the Nationals before this afternoon's trade deadline, it'll be interresting to see how the rest of the dominos fall. Johnson's arrival would almost certainly force Jorge Cantu back to third base, suspect throwing arm and all, and perhaps relegate Emilio Bonifacio to a platoon role in left with Chris Coghlan.

             But I'm wondering if the changes will stop there. It wouldn't surprise me if the Marlins also have a deal cooking for Jeremy Hermida (Cubs?), one that would allow them to call up Cameron Maybin and move Cody Ross to right. In effect, the Marlins would be replacing one left-handed bat in the lineup (Hermida's) with a better one (Johnson's). An outfield of Bonifacio/Coghlan-Maybin-Ross would be an upgrade defensively, as well.

             What's missing here, of course, is a fifth starter. I don't know if Burke Badenhop is the answer, and I strongly suspect the Marlins feel the same. But it'll all shake out in the next four to five hours. Stay tuned.



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The Johnson deal makes all kinds of sense. Cantu to 3rd, Maybin to center, then move Ross to right(even if Hermida cannot be dealt). A solid 5th starter is desperately needed though.


I'd be surprised to see Hermida moved today, but I wouldn't be angry.


I still like the potential of the Gonzalez/Bell trade....think of THAT upgrade potential.


I agree with Cenador, no matter what moves we make today, Fredi The Bullpen Killer Gonzalez will still be our manager at the end of the day and that takes away any chances of success this team can have. What we need is a new manager, and make sure it is not another cuban loser/scumbag.

I like Coghlan in the lineup, but he has been a CONSTANT liability in LF, if he is going to be up here we need to get him in a defensive position that is to his and the teams benefit. I like Bonifacio, I think he has potential were we to have the right manager to guide him in that direction but he needs to sit on the bench a bit and lax and find ways to contribute to our team off the bench. I am not too sure just how much help Boni will be in LF because thats just not his position he is just an INF.


I don't like the Nick Johnson trade. His numbers are very similar to Cantu's. Boni is not the answer at third either. Bring Maybin up, move Cody to right and Hermida to left. Then move Coglin to third.


I agree with Disgusted, tired of seeing Coghlan look lost in LF. Is he making improvements? Absolutely, no arguing that but he needs more work. With him out there and the team in the middle of a race is as a big a liability as having Boni at third

get adrian gonzalez!!!

the thing with getting johnson is that he would hit 2nd, the problem with the marlins is who hits 5th??? an easy upgrade at 2nd hitter is just bringing up maybin to hit 2nd and combining coughlan/bonifacio hitting 1st. Therefore tradding for Johnson seems like an absolute waste of a prospect unless you also trade for a 5th hitter.
Tradding for Gonzalez would be perfect in that it would allow to move Cantu to 5th and have gonzalez cleaning up, you would be automatically upgrading two spots. I say throw in morrison-andrew miller-ryan tucker (whom they are willing to send for johnson) and a couple other players hermida? sanchez? and try to get both gonzalez and heath bell


C The Duet (Baker/Paulino)
1B Johnson
2B Bonifacio
SS Hanley
3B Cantu
RF Hermida
CF Maybin
LF Ross
Trade Uggla, Coghlan


Craig good ideas, except seems unlikely to happen at this time


Wow...trading Uggla and Coghlan? Really? Lets just say I'm so glad you're not the Marlins GM.


Trading Uggla or Coghlan would only make sense if we get a fifth starter in return.

We need speed on the bases with Bonifacio, or calling Maybin up. So if Cantu goes to third and Johnson to first, Freddi needs to find a spot for Boni.

I think our lineup could shape up in many ways.


We just acquired Nick Johnson for Aaron Thompson


I would keep Coghlan over Bonifacio any day. They just need to move Coghlan back to his natural position (2nd or 3rd base). Coghlan is young, with potential and has hit everywhere he has been, Bonifacio has struggled hitting at every level.


you ppl obviously dont kno anything about the marlins u guys just want them to win and when they dont u complain well answer me this....y would u move cantu from first when hes playing GOLD GOLVE 1st base and move him to 3rd where he made sumteen errors last year? sure we need pop in the lineup but i dont get wat the front office is doing sure theyre cheap but if they move cantu back to 3rd it would have to be the stupidest move of the season......

Frank T.

Coghlan, lf
Bonifacio, 2b
Ramirez, ss
Johnson, 1b
Cantu, 3b
Ross, rf
Baker/Paulino, c

This could be a fast, better defensive team and better average than now. More contact hitters. Sorry about Ugla but he strikes out too often and do not advance runners. I prefer a better average hitter than his 25 homers but 3,000 strike-outs.

I am excited about the Johnson acquisition. I always admired the guy since I was a first baseman when I played ball and love "his glove".


Sweet, so we got Nick Johnson without giving up anyone, awesome....

Frank T.

The guy that signed as "FireFrediAmezagaistrash" disguised as a baseball fan is nothing but a racist of the worst kind. Using this media to take a cheap shot about the Cubans. Lets hope someday he doesn't need the help of one of us. If that day comes I hope that guy kicks his rear end all the way up North where he/maybe she belongs.


y would u move cantu to 3rd hes playing GOLD GLOVE 1ST BASE PPPLLLL!!!!!!!! DEFENCE WINS BALL GAMES!!!! MOVE JOHNSON TO 3RD!!!

peter golburgh

Correcto: bunting needs to be taught; a definite 2-4 game swing. Also, that pitch that comes after the big OUT; men on, 0 or 1 Out, big strike out or pop up, Now 2 outs: then, the big hit. Why is it? because no one, catcher, 1st or 2nd baseman, or pitching coach, talks to the pitcher and calms him down; lets him know he is still hanging in the wind; It would slow him down, calm the adrenalin, and let him pitch;

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