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Larry Beinfest on the Trade Deadline

               This much is certain as the trade deadline approaches: the Marlins definitely are NOT sellers. Just spoke with Larry Beinfest, who sounded upbeat about the club's prospects. Whether that leads to a trade to upgrade the roster between now and Friday's deadline is another story, but Beinfest at least sounded optimistic.

               "We were on the phone today, we'll see," said Beinfest, the team's president of baseball operations. "We're looking at ways to improve ourselves right now. We're active."

               Beinfest said that as far as he is concerned, the Marlins are in contention and is "trending" upward, with four quality outings out of their starters during the road trip to San Diego and Los Angeles.

               "The wild card is certainly not out of reach," Beinfest said. "And I think the Phillies won today, but we have a lot of baseball left and we have a bunch of games against the Phillies. The way we sit six days away from the deadline, we're 'in,' and we'll see what happens. I'd like to think that things aren't going to change between now and Friday and we're going to stay in in."