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Marlins Calling Up Gaby Sanchez. Now What?

         The Marlins are calling up corner infieler Gaby Sanchez from Triple A New Orleans to take the roster spot of LHP Andrew Miller, who was optioned late Monday.

          Sandhez entered spring training as a contender to win an Opening Day roster spot. But an injury and sluggish spring landed him in New Orleans. The 25-year-old University of Miami product is hitting .289 with nine home runs with the Zephyrs. Sanchez spent the early part of the season at first base before switching to third, fueling speculation that the Marlins might be grooming him as a possible replacement for Emilio Bonifacio.

          The addition of Sanchez, who was a September call-up for the Marlins last season, gives manager Fredi Gonzalez more maneuvering room with his bench. Before Miller was sent down, the Marlins were working with only 12 position players. Now they will be back to 13.

           It'll be interesting to see how the Marlins use Sanchez to start out. Will they put him on the bench? Or will they go ahead, plop him at third, and turn Bonifacio into the new Alfredo Amezaga? Bonifacio had a rough night Monday, spared of a game-tying error in the eighth when Jorge Cantu gloved his short-hopper,and committing a high-throw error in the ninth, allowing the potential tying run to reach. He also went 0 for 4 and struck out three times.

           You make the call. Should Sanchez replace Bonifacio immediately? Or should he be used off the bench, at least for now?



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Yes Immediately should have been done long time ago!

Brian in VA

He11 yeah you bench Bonifacio! I am worried about the backend of our rotation...


Gaby should be starting at 3rd either tonight or tomorrow and remain there. Bonifacio simply does not do anything well. He almost cost us the game twice last night with his crap defense.

Boni is tied for the NL lead in errors among 3B. However, Chipper and Zimmerman help their respective teams in other ways offensively. Bonifacio does nothing else.


Bonifacio has to go. He started the season strong, but after the pitchers figured him out, he was never able to make the adjustments needed to continue to hit in the big leagues.

I do not agree that he can be used like Amezaga because Amezega is a steller fielder. Bonifacio is a liability in any position you put him. He was brought in to be an upgrade in defense and to steal more bases. Well, you need to get on base to be able to steal. Even when he gets on base, he does not steal as many as he should (given his speed). He just has to go.


Hasn't Bonifacio been hitting more than Coghlan lately??


J.P., not by much and Bonifacio is a much greater defensive liability than Coghlan is.

conch salad

Congratulations Gabby! Do your thing and make the most of this opportunity bro! Way to rep the Miami baseball scene...


This is a good move, only if Gaby is given the opportunity to play every day. You don't call up a guy just to simply sit. The fact of the matter is that both Coghlan and Boni do not belong at the top of the order. Not with the type of performances displayed last night. You simply cannot have 2 guys going 0-9 with 4 K's in front of your main weapon. I think Maybin should also be up here. He's hitting over .340. Yeah, it's AAA and the PCL, but perhaps he's figured it out. This is nuts.


Great move, nothing to loose! Bonifacio doesn't get on base enough for his speed to matter in most games. I feel he is valuable on the bench, not in the starting lineup & especially at the top of the order FREDDIE!

Get Maybin up here too,,, there's nothing to lose after the weekend freefall.


Lets never again compare a useless scrub like Alfredo Amezaga to quality players with great potential like Gaby Sanchez and Emilio Bonifacio


I believe this is a great move for the Fish. Bonifacio is not producing ANYTHING, and has not produced in a very long time. If there is no way to get rid of him, he should be used as a utility or pinch runner... thats the only way he would get on base consistentl at this point and maybe bring some value to this team with his speed.
In any case, bringing Sanchez up is good: it gives the Marlins a better defender at third, someone that can hit more consistently than Bonifacio (by looking at his numbers in the minors) and maybe a much needed lift in spirits for the team. Im not ready to give up on the Marlins yet this season, I just hope they are not giving up either, and that Freddie becomes more aware of the players he has and what they are actually good for...


Boni could be a hell of a pinch runner......thats it.
Swallow your pride Beinfest and admit this was a hose job on your part. Dont worry you have made enough good decisions to render a pass.

Juan C O Jones

We need to dump Uggla and find a real clean-up hitter (maybe Matt Dominguez from SD)and use Bonifacio on 2nd. That will keep the speed the speed and give us more flexibility with a lefty power hitter following Hanley.


Ok, this article is Bonifacio-Sanchez, but the two players to go on this team are Hermida:248 ave, 35 rbi, 72 K plus $2,250,000. Next, Uggla: 228 ave, 82 K plus $5,350,000 (almost Hanley salarie). In my opinion, Bonifacio is not ready to play at this level yet, but there is not much options, if they trade Hermida and Uggla , they free up more than $7,500,000 and go for a real clean-up hitter like Holliday who is to make about $13,500,000.


This move took way to long!Any major league skipper with a little wisdom would have figured the Bonafacio experiment was a failure some time ago!Fredi is not a leader or a great baseball mind.We have great talent, but it isn't pieced together correctly.Our batting order is ridiculous,there's a reason why we always leave the base-runners stranded.We need help at third base in the worst way.I hate to say it but Dan Uggla is expendable,he's having a terrible season.That series with the Phillies really exposed our team.We are miles away from competing with them.It wouldn't hurt the Marlins management to bring in some real talent!If you want to put some rear ends in the seats, you got to spend some dough!

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