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Marlins Targeting Heath Bell

                  The Marlins have been in discussions with the San Diego Padres for closer Heath Bell, but the cost to obtain him might be too steep. According to a FoxSports report, the Padres are demanding that a young pitcher -- Sean West or Andrew Miller, for example -- be included in a trade package.for the reliever.

                  It's hard to see the Marlins parting with either one considering their minor-league pitching depth isn't what it used to be. For that matter, it's interesting that the Marlins are focusing on a reliever, what with the uncertainty surrounding their starting staff. At the moment, Rick VandenHurk (career record 6-7, 6.50) is their fourth starter and they don't have anyone confirmed as their fifth.Heath

                  Bell would certainly provide the Marlins with a seasoned back-end reliever. He has 25 saves this season, a 2.01 ERA and is averaging 10.7 strikeouts per nine innings. He is also affordable, making $1.255 million in his first year of arbitration, and would fit within the Marlins' payroll parameters next season.

                  But the Marlins aren't the only club looking at Bell. There are said to be as many as 10 to 15 teams asking about him. And I'm not so certain, considering their need to address the rotation, that Bell is the only player on the Marlins' radar heading into Friday's 4 p.m. trade deadline.


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I would say bye-bye to Miller and hold on to West. While closer is not the biggest need, it certainly wouldn't hurt either.

Miami Sports Generation

Dear Clark & Manny,

Thanks for breaking this story for us. We actually suggested a trade that included Heath Bell coming to the Marlins a few weeks back. Now you're reporting that talks between the reliever and the Marlins are real and we are glad to know that our suggestions are lining up with the Marlins front office's intentions.

If you want to take a look at our article for yourselves, here is the link:


I disagree with you Javi. I would instead give them Sean West as opposed to Andrew Miller. Here is why, all we need to see from Miller is that he can remain healthy and get back on track with his stuff and he could live up to expectations.

On the other hand, yes, we have seen some good stuff out of West, but he clearly is about a year away from being big-league ready in the manner that we would like him to be to be able to help the big-league team win some ball games.

Sean West is still more of a "prospect" while Miller is somewhat of an "established" player already. I think the Willis Cabrea trade that brought us Miller, Maybin and others would look even worse than it looks for the moment were we to give up on him already.

Point is we know more about Miller as far as what he can do at this level and what needs work as opposed to West. I think we can recover from giving up West than Miller in some sense.

What I would be more concerned is, who else if anyone would we have to add to this deal.


Trade Miller. Who cares.

I think giving up Miller to get Bell would make the trade with Detroit look BETTER, because it would give us an established closer, then we could slot Nunez/Lindstrom into the 7/8 innings and use Meyer as a lefty specialist (though he could easily take an inning). That would shorten the game for the starters that needed it (a la VandenHurk/West/Badenhop).

Though I doubt West is the only person they are looking for a 1 for 1 swap.

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