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Samson: "Our Phone Is Silent"

                David Samson, making his weekly guest appearance with Dan LeBatard on 790 The Ticket, said it's been slow going on the trade front, not that the Marlins aren't trying to work out a deal to improve the team between now and Friday's 4 p.m. deadline.

                "Our phone is silent," Samson said. "I don't think people want to deal with us anymore. We have a low payroll, we win games, and I think people are afraid of getting burned maybe."

                Samson said the club has made calls proposing trades, but nothing was imminent.

                "We've made 10 different offers, 10 different things, throwing all sorts of crap against the wall," Samson said.


                "I think our team feels it can (succeed) as is," Samson said. "We'd like to bring in reinforcements. But we don't want to be one of those teams that causes themselves to not win 81 games by making foolish deals."

                 Samson said most of the interest from other clubs has centered on minor-league prospects Mike Stanton and Logan Morrison, but the team has indicated in the past that it has no intention of trading either.

                 Samson confirmed a report that the Marlins expressed interest in Blue Jays ace Roy Halladay at one point, but quickly backed off when Toronto demanded "two left legs, a right arm and a left cerebellum."

                 Samson also dismissed a trade rumor that has the Marlins giving up Andrew Miller, Cameron Maybin and Stanton to the San Diego Padres for first baseman Adrian Gonzalez and closer Heath Bell.

                 Asked if there was any truth to the rumor, Samson replied 'no,' and that there was a "zero" percent chance of landing Gonzalez in a trade.



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ya -- teams are afraid of getting burned....sounds like with the Halladay comment the Marlins are not making good, decent offers


Mark, you're a dipshit.


Other teams must be making similar offers for Halladay if the Jays phone is also silent, huh genius.


Haha. Look at that guys bravado. Forget about the jays gm. Seriously. Your team president speculated that their phone is silent because people cower in fear for what the marlins are capable of. Methonks it sounds like they actualy are not making decent offers for anyone jeez check out MLB rumors. They can't even make a decent offer for nick Johnson


No one knows what any offer for any player actually is. It's strictly all speculation, especially when you have people like Ken Rosenthal and friends posting stories that end up contradicting each other. I'm not surprised Samson said what he did. What do you expect from that guy?

Brian in VA

Uh Samson.. You do realize the your 3B costs up games with errors and K's in big spots. Plus, he grounds out to the pitcher alot. Finally, we need a 5th SP and maybe Bell! Ayala was garbage last night...


Dont blame the game last night on Ayala the matchups were not in his favor but Fredi chose to go with him out of the pen because he wanted to "save" the other arms... it was fredi and his terrible approach to another crucial game that cost it for us. Boni is improving very slowly but surely on defense and even on offense... things are coming together for those who go out on the field for the marlins except for that lousy balsero we call a manager it is he who we should trade!

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