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11 Hits + 8 Walks + 2 Hit Batsmen = 3 Runs?

              Yep, the math is correct. It just doesn't make any sense.

              The Marlins had base runners galore on Wednesday, yet managed to score only three runs and ended up losing 6-3 to the Houston Astros. Runners left on base for the Marlins: 16. That's a season-high in LOB, surpassing the 15 stranded in a 14-inning game on May 4 against the Reds.

               Three times the Marlins had the bases loaded -- in the second, fifth and ninth innings -- and failed to score. They sent three batters to the plate in the seventh. Two of them singled and were quickly erased, once when Cody Ross was thrown out at second on a hit-and-run and once more when Emilio Bonifacio was picked off first.

               It wasn't as if the Marlins didn't hit the ball hard. Jorge Cantu had three balls caught on the warning track, each time with runners on base. Astros center fielder Michael Bourn ran down every fly ball hit inside the 713 area code.

               Chris Coghlan, his shoulder bruised from slamming into the wall in the seventh inning, turned in a determined at bat in the ninth when he stepped to the plate with the bases loaded and two outs. He fouled off nine consecutive pitches -- eight of them with the count 0-2 -- before swinging and missing on a Jose Valverde splitter to end the game.

               "We left a lot of guys on base," said Coghlan, wearing an ice pack on his shoulder. "It's frustrating when you have the opportunities we had and don't come through."

              The Marlins extended their streak of consecutive games with 10 or more hits to 15 straight. But nobody was celebrating the feat after Wednesday's loss.


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Fire Everybody

Embarrassing. Nobody should be paid for last night's game. This team sucks.

 psl bill

some of those runners were the fault of freddi, not all of them but some, makes you wonder what could be. loria is cheap!


I have never seen a baseball team at any level from little league to the majors, which is worse than us at situational hitting. Bases loaded 3 times... 3 F-ing times and no runs... I am speachless... What a disgrace!!!

Doctor Quack

Really? My Phils are even more pathetic with RISP. So I feel your pain. I respect the Marlins. And they scare the bleep out me too. Two rings in 16yrs is a whole lot better than 2 rings in 126yrs. I caught the final out on MLB Network, and I was convinced that a grandslam was about to happen. And Yes, Smoltz would have been a good siging, but not as a starter. As Phils fan I would've love to beeen able to see the Phils tee off on him. But as a closer, he seems to have more enough left to get the job done. Billy Wagner is on waivers.

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