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Did Lindstrom blow his shot at closing again?

Did Matt Lindstrom's rough outing Monday night dash his hopes of regaining the closer's role? Maybe. Maybe not.

Matt Lindstrom His first three outings since coming back from the disabled list Aug. 1 had been pretty clean. His fourth, Monday night in the ninth, was just ugly. It lasted just a third of an inning and ended right after the Astros Carlos Lee doubled home two runs with line drive to center field. The Marlins defense didn't help him either. Dan Uggla made an error before Miguel Tejada singled an 0-2 pitch off him to bring Lee to the plate.

"Making a couple different pitches last night could have changed the whole thing," Lindstrom said. "Facing Tejada without a runner on base could have changed things too."

"I faced Carlos Lee in '07 and he hit a three-run homer off me. Same situation. I threw a fastball and he fouled it off. The next one, he hit it. [Monday] he knew [the fastball] was coming. He was cheating. I had a good slider yesterday. That's all I'm going to say."

Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez said he likes what he's seen from Lindstrom since coming back -- including velocity -- and said "for me, it's good progress." Lindstrom said he's not taking the rough outing as a setback.

"I had Tejada 0-2 and three pitches later I was sitting in the dugout," Lindstrom said. "It’s really not much I can do. I hit my spot. They came out and gave me the mound visit and told me how I should face Lee. He fouled off the first one, hit the other one and lined it in the gap. That was it. Not really much I can do. I was throwing the ball where I needed to throw it. My slider was good. It was one of those innings I guess.

"If I take it as a setback, it will be a setback. But if I go forward and just forget about it, then I don't think it will be a big deal. It shouldn't be. My stuff is there."