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Donnelly (calf) heads to DL after loss

The Marlins lost more than an important 4-3 decision to the Atlanta Braves Saturday night. They lost a valuable member of their bullpen, too.

Brendan Donnelly, who has a 2.04 ERA in 21 appearances since the Marlins signed him July 5th, suffered a right calf strain in the eighth inning and is being placed on the disabled list.

The Marlins will make the announcement of who they are calling up Sunday morning, but it's likely either Tim Wood or Cristhian Martinez, who have done fairly well when they've been up in the big leagues.

Donnelly was the news. Chris Volstad's early troubles and home run woes continue to be the story. He gave up two long balls and four runs on four hits in the first inning, before settling down for the next three innings as the Marlins tried to play catchup.

Volstad said he can't put a finger on why he's given up 26 home runs this year when he was so good at not allowing many a year ago (three Hrs in 84 1/3 innings).

"I don’t know. It’s just the way the year is going I guess," Volstad said. "I don’t know how else to explain it. I don’t feel like anything has changed. Pitch location, I guess, I just haven’t been able to locate as well."

Manager Fredi Gonzalez said both of his home run pitches were up in the zone. But Volstad said he saw it on replay and says they weren't. "I watched both of them," Volstad said. "First one he did a good job getting on top of the pitch. It would have been a ball. The second one was a changeup down. Escobar did a good job keeping his hands back. It wasn’t my best changeup. It just kind of floated in there."

Here's an interesting Volstad stat I discovered during the game: He has given up 39 earned runs during within his first 30 pitches in 43.2 innings (8.03 ERA). But once he gets past 30 pitches, he's has been better, giving up 39 earned runs in 103.2 innings (3.40 ERA).

> Jorge Cantu got into Saturday's game and came up with a clutch two-run single during the Marlins rally in the sixth. But he still isn't over his neck pain.

"I’m just trying not to think about it. Even though I’m hurting a little bit, I’m just trying not to think about it and do the job," Cantu said. "I drove him in, but it doesn’t change the fact I’m not 100 percent yet. Hopefully, I’ll come back tomorrow and this thing will be gone. It’s tough to battle."


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Lou Vales

I'm here for the 3 game series and I wanted to pass along some random thoughts. During the fly over before the game I was hoping that the military was intervening to try to locate Nick Johnson. You remember Nick?/ Big lumbering bald guy, reflection off of his dome while he stood on the dugout steps--what he does now--was causing a glare behind the 3rd baseline. Well, anyway since Nick said A WEEK AGO "It's feeling a whole lot better" and the Human DL actually had the audacity to repeat that rosey assessment through Thursday, I'm sure many thought Mister Pear Shape would make it back before the Lions Thanksgiving Day Massacre. BUt, NOT OUR NICKY. And worse than this overachieving bunch of guys being HAMSTRUNG by Nick's hamstring is that the triumvirate of Stooges that make decisions--I don't mean Fredo who I doubt changes pitchers without taking a phone call from Movie Boy---saw fit to let Nicky play out his little charade of SOON being back in the lineup.

NOW Nick is a good hitter, a GREAT on base machine but he has the threshold for pain of Carl Pavano, Mike Hampton and Juan Gonzalez incarnate. Nick has demonstrated throughout his less than "Iron Horse" career you pay for a season you get 1/4 of a season.

DISABLE the guy!!!!!! Playing shorthanded has already cost at least 2 games. Jorge sounds like he WANTS to play, does Nicky sound like he wants to play.

Nick, PLEASE keep the cap on. I'll be behind 3rd base dugout again seranading with my opinion of your ABSENCE. The Atlanta denizens enjoyed it.

Lou Vales

Last thing--Donnelly gets hurt, 2 seconds later he is on the DL. Mr Pre Nutri Systems gets hurt a WEEK ago and Fredo is speculating how it MIGHT be a go for the Mets series.

Now I realize it's football season and Tommy Hutton and I are probably the only people who give a rat's bottom how this team does, BUT wouldn't it behoove one JOURNALIST covering the Marlins to discuss this playing a man short thing.

You do realize if the Marlins were an NFL or NBA team with a following who placed legal bets on them in casinos that the Heads of both leagues would have seen the need to find out why the management of a team was "hamstringing" its roster. NO team in any sport who is involved in a playoff chase would have smilingly endured an absence that is starting to resemble a Hialeah City Commission Meeting on Bilingualism.

Would someone ask Cal Ripken The Second if he ever intends to play again?/ A couple of us might be curious.

Lou Vales

Sorry!! This REALLY is the last thing. I'm in Buckhead and I don't feel like watching TV.

Have ANY of you guys(or girls) EVER seen a guy injure his hamstring to this extent by flying out to left field?/ Don't finely conditioned pro athletes like Nick USUALLY injure a hamstring by a quick burst as in trying to beat out an infield hit?? I have NEVER seen anyone mess up a hamstring like this by the pure act of swinging a bat. And you must realize I now live relatively close to Atlanta and have thus seen and or heard of Larry "Chipper" Jones being hurt getting out of the bed in a 5 Star Hotel, being attacked by a batting cage, throwing the ball across the infield and if he plays long enough he will be disabled while engaged in coitus.


then your a dumb piece of $hit becuase its very common to injure your hamstrinng coming out of the box.


It is certainly not 'common' for a player to injure himself simply coming out of the box. We're not talking about about catcher jumping out of his crouch to try and field a bunt or something like that. The only 'common' thing about Nick is that he is not someone to be counted on down the stretch for anything. An injury waiting to happen. He should be placed on the DL, especially if he is just going to continue taking up a roster spot while 'improving a little each day' or whatever Fredi said. The whole thing is crazy, but not shocking.

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