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"God Bless America" Singer, Home Plate Ump Booed in Philly

                 They once booed Santa Claus in Philadelphia. Why not the singer of "God Bless America?"

                 Yep, it happened. Fans at Citizens Bank Park, angry over the ejection of Phillies center fielder Shane Victorino in the seventh inning on Sunday, went into boo mode, starting with home plate ump Ed Rapuano and continuing with the guy who sang "God Bless America" during the 7th inning stretch.

                 And they call Philadelphia the "City of Brotherly Love." Yeah, right.

                 The unhappiness started in the bottom of the sixth when Rapuano called out Ryan Howard on strikes to end the inning. At the time, the Marlins were clinging to a 3-1 lead. Howard didn't care for the call on the third strike, which appeared to be a touch low.

                 When Wes Helms stepped up to start the seventh, Rapuano called a ball on a low pitch from Phillies reliever Rodrigo Lopez. Victorino threw his arms up in center, and Rapuano -- spotting it -- walked onto the diamond and threw his thump up in the air, signaling an ejection.

                 Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins thought he was the one being tossed and began to walk off the field. Once Rapuano made it clear he was ejecting Victorino, the center fielder charged toward the plate to confront the umpire and had to be separated by players and coaches.

                The fans became vocal, at that point, and booed every strike and ball call that went against the Phillies. Lopez fell completely apart, and the Marlins exploded for six runs in the inning, which upset fans even more. But they saved their best for the singer, who grabbed the microphone and tried to calm the crowd by announcing "It's going to be all right" before he began singing.

                During a pause in the song, one fan could be clearly heard to yell "You (stink)" to the singer. And everyone joined in a chorus of booing right after the ending lyrics, "My home sweet home."


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Stay classy Philly....


At least people show up to the games in Philly.


First off I was there, try accurately reporting what happened.

How much of a jackass does that guy need to be to stay "it will be alright". Excuse me?! How about singing God Bless America and minding your own business. And sing it right!

Despite that, he received plenty of cheers after his terrible rendition (yes with a few boos mixed in). Most of the boos were for that stupid comment.

Our fans had every right to be vocal about our the events. What a joke.


Excuse the typos, but I'm sure the point was made.


Does this solidify Philly fans as officially the worst in baseball? I don't think Yankees fans would do the same.


Philly fans are the redneck white trash of the north.


Kevin, have you ever been to Philly? The fans are passionate, loyal and supportive; everything Miami fans are NOT.

westbrook is hurt again

i live in philly, they booed santa because he was dressed like billy bob thorton in bad santa and had no presents, philly fans sell out games for lacrosse and table tennis here, because there is nothing to do in philly but eat and get fat, watch sports and hibernate over the winter.thats why sports are so big in the northeast. if miami had citizens bank park ( which is a beauty) downtown right on the bay, the place would be packed, plus i love how everyone in philly here is a phillies fan all of a sudden now, b4 they won everyone was all eagles and now everybody has a w.s. sticker on their car, philly fans are front runners and posers, they bashed T.O. but when he became an eagle EVERYBODY had a TO jersey and was in love with him. have fun at the trashy wildwood, jersey shore i prefer south beach where the water is clear and the sand is white.


Philly Fans are the rednecks white trash of the north indeed as Kevin stated. I really thought that Yankees and Mets fans as well as Detriot sports fans and Cheatriots fans were among the most classless in sports -- but the Sillies fans set the bar far too high for anyone to compete with. Go Marlins! The Sillies will now go into a Wets-like collapse, and the Marlins WILL! win the division... And the Sillies out of the post-season. Pedro and Cliff Lee will blow out their shoulders in their next starts!


Phillies suck!

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