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Hanley Ramirez Returns to Lineup

            Hanley Ramirez says he's still not 100 percent, but he's back in the starting lineup. On Saturday, the Cubs' Carlos Zambrano hit Ramirez with a pitch just above his left knee, causing him to leave the game. Ramirez said he notices it most in the field, especially when moving to his left.

            -- "It's different," Nick Johnson said of his return to D.C., just days after being traded by the Nationals. Johnson showed up in the visitors' clubhouse, at least, and didn't head out to the field with his former teammates when they posed for the team photo.

            -- Ricky Nolasco will start Friday for the Marlins, and it looks like Sean West will have honors on Saturday, though nothing's been announced with him. West would be in line to start Saturday, having pitched Monday for Double A Jacksonville and picking up the win. Since being sent back to Double A in July, West has gone 3-1 in his four starts while giving up 11 earned runs over 21 1/3 innings.4.63 ERA.

            -- A victory tonight will be the Marlins' 11th straight over the Nationals. That would represent a club record for most consecutive wins against one team.

            The lineups:

             Marlins: 1. Chris Coghlan, lf; 2. Nick Johnson, 1b; 3. Hanley Ramirez, ss; 4. Jorge Cantu, 3b; 5. Dan Uggla, 2b; 6. Jeremy Hermida, rf; 7. Cody Ross, cf; 8. John Baker, c; 9. Josh Johnson, p.

             Nats: 1. Nyjer Morgan, cf; 2. Cristian Guzman, ss; 3. Josh Willingham, lf; 4. Adam Dunn, 1b; 5. Elijah Dukas, rf; 6. Willie Harris, 3b; 7. Alberto Gonzalez, 2b; 8. Wil Nieves, c; 9. J.D. Martin, rhp.


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Miami Florist

The Fish have so much young talent it is a shame they cant generate more local interest. Imagine if they could fill some the the holes with a quality veteran-the would be awesome. I fear time may pass and they will fail to take advantage of the this incredible situation.


I am done with this team. Lets all put ourselves out of our misery with this team and just call it a season. As long as Friendly Foolish Fraud Fredi El Balsero Bullpen Serial Killer Gonzalez is our manager, if you wanna call him that, this team will not go anywhere. Just when we think things are goint to start to get fun and something special is about to happen, he single handly ruins it for us like only one could ever have nightmares about. Ok, we didnt hit, we left runners on base all the excuses you want to bring up to defend fredi for this loss but the fact of the matter is we had our ace out there and what we had should have been enough. fredi should have left him out there to at least let him get one out and stop the bleeding so to speak. instead we use have our pen in one inning who we will not be able to use to our advantage for some time and be sure we will need our pen tomrrow with vandenhurk on the mound if anyone can lose a game for us against the Nots its Hurk and Fredi on his side. I will continue to watch them on tv and listen on radio but I will no longer purchase merchandise, attend another game and even serve the community in the name of the Marlins as long as Fredi is around. It is a disgrace to be associated with this team with him around. Its not so much a disgrace as it is sad!


In respone to Florist, as long as Fredi is around this team will not get supported. Nobody wants to see a team that plays their heart out on a nightly basis to have it single-handedly ruined by one guy who isnt even on the playing field. this team has no future as long as Fredi is around. When he leaves then things will get better for sure... i dont wish bad things on anyone but Fredi is beyond an exception to the rule


You are an incoherent imbecile. Leave Johnson out there so he could at least one out you said?? He surrendered 4 straight frighan hits. All those hits came from the BOTTOM of the Nats batting order. You are an absolute dope. Hermida is the clown here.


Yes, he loaded the bases, I am aware of that but at least let him try to work out of the jam to help him and the bullpen for that matter... dont put them in an even tougher situation than it already is for them is my point

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