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Should The Marlins Make a Play for Brad Penny?

They tried and failed to get John Smoltz. Should the Marlins now make a run at Brad Penny, the latest Red Sox pitching castoff?

  According to the Boston Herald, Penny requested and received his release from the Sox after losing his spot in the rotation. A 1-5 record and 7.82 ERA since the All-Star break will do that sort of thing.

But Penny has a history with the Marlins. He -- not Josh Beckett -- won two games in the '03 World Series. And, as he used to like to joke, he has more career World Series RBI (2) than Don Mattingly (0). Penny ranks third on the Marlins' career leaders list with 48 wins.Penny

  Penny is still young (31) and is two years removed from a career season with the Dodgers when he went 16-4 with a 3.03 ERA and finished third in the Cy Young balloting. A return to the National League might do him some good.

Penny, a free agent after the season, would only cost the Marlins the pro-rated minimum, or about $80,000. The Rockies might have interest in him. Penny played for Colorado manager Jim Tracy when they were with the Dodgers.

It hasn't been a pretty season in Boston for Penny, and he apprently fell into the habit of throwing a steady diet of very hittable fastballs without a lot of movement on them. But would you prefer him over Sean West for what would amount to 6 or 7 more starts?


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I'd prefer him over Volstad and keep West in the rotation, who has been better than Chris in the last several starts.

FireFredi AmezagaisMierda

Sean West has been doin better, but he will soon come back to earth and stink it up again. Sign Penny and send West down.


penny over volstad atleast pennys fastballs are high 90s and voldstad tops out at 91ish. Chris needs work, Penny is a proven vet.


I say to go for it, if he is interested of course.

We are only 4.5 GB of the Rockies, with a very favorable schedule over the next couple weeks. We have the Padres, and two series with Washington coming up.

Now is the time, and perhaps the last stretch to make up some ground.

Colorado has to come back down to earth. We should also be getting healthy soon, as Baker, Badenhop, Donnelly, and hopefully Nick Johnson will be back soon.

We also have guys like Maybin and Carroll, who can provide late inning defense and speed to the lineup.

If Volstad struggles in his next start, you can replace him with Penny, or... Maybe Penny would be open to a settup role to Nunez. I can see him coming out in the 8th or 9th with that 95-98 mph fastball.

He could re-invent himself, while reenergizing his career. Smoltz did it, Kerry Wood did it, an so on.


sign penny and send west down

J.C Fernandez

and if the rotation doesn't work for penny you can always put him in as our closer.

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