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Another Winning Season


Ho hum. The Marlins, the team with the lowest payroll in the majors clinched another winning season with last night's bottom-of-the-ninth comeback. (Quick: How can anyone believe the Phillies will repeat as World Series champs with Brad Lidge as closer?)

So that makes five winning seasons out of the last seven for the Marlins. Consider that the Pittsburgh Pirates haven't finished above .500 since 1992, the year before  the Marlins joined the majors. And the Reds haven't had a winning season since 2000. The Marlins have had more winning seasons since 2003 than the free-spending Mets, who have enjoyed only four, and as many as the Chicago Cubs (For this season, I'm crediting teams with a winning record if they have one at the moment).

  Here's a breakdown of winning seasons over the past seven years:

  7 -- Phillies, Yankees, Red Sox

  6 -- Cardinals, Dodgers, Twins, Angels

  5 -- Marlins, Braves, Cubs, Astros, White Sox

  4 -- Mets, Padres, Blue Jays, A's

  3 -- Giants, Diamondbacks, Mariners, Tigers

  2 -- Rangers, Indians, Brewers, Rays, Rockies

  1 -- Expos (Nationals), Royals

  0 -- Pirates, Reds, Orioles

  The season's not over yet, of course, but I'm wondering how others feel about the Marlins. Do you think they've met or exceeded expectations? Or do you think they should have done better?


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I personally think that they should have done better, payroll or not... Their pitching staff greatly underperformed as a unit, so imagine if we would have gotten the Nolasco and Volstad of last year, with Johnson and West..

I think this team has the foundation to make a little run over the next 3 years... We have a very young and talented starting staff, as well as a good bullpen with some arms in the minors... I think next year we make another run, but 2011 is our year...

A guy who I hope can bounce back next season as either a starter or settup man is Ryan Tucker... I guess he was injured in the minors, but the guy has good stuff... I also think Nunez has the stuff to be a dominant closer... Lastly, I hope Annibal can continue to stay healthy and be our 4th or 5th starter next season... He looked like the Annibal of old a couple nights ago

The future is bright in my opinion...

Hopefully we can get a couple prospects for Uggla, with one being almost major league ready (A strong power lefty reliever or maybe a speedy leadoff type LF?) I think Coghlan is ideal for the 2-hole, batting behind a contact hitting, base stealing leadoff man


I think they COULD have done better - but going into the season (although I felt since it was 6 years since we won our last World Series we were due for another) I felt that a winning record would be a major accomplishment with the payroll and all the other shortcomings that the team has.

Next season this team will make a major jump without a doubt.


I think they could have done better, but the manager (Gonzales) blew about five games with his mistakes. Also the Marlins need it trade for player like Adrian Gonzales and Heath Bell from the Padres, with thoses two players the Marlins will make the playoff for sure; this one blame it on Loria.


I wont say whether or not the Marlins exceeded expectations or could have done better. I will just state the obvious and say, this team obviously has what it takes to win despite the low-payroll which is no longer a good enough excuse. our biggest problem is our lousy manager. this guy is as big a bum as there is on the face of this earth as well as all other cubans.This guy just doesnt have the managing skills it takes to be successful in this league. Bobby Cox has got to be ashamed to be associated from this bum. Fredi has learned nothing from Cox. Fredi just doesnt have the personality to run such a team... to get this team to overcome the adversity they have faced this season. Once we get rid of him good things will surely come. until then, we will continue to fall short of the playoffs

Lou Vales

The GREAT majority of this team deserves high praise. If either of The Three DOGS had performed this team makes the Playoffs and rather easily.

Number ONE DOG--Jeremy Hermida. Possibly the WORST combination pitiful offense/horrific defense corner outfielder since Junior Felix. Hermida has posted near Bonafacio numbers--look it up. AND DON'T buy for a moment that he is hurt. The edict has gone out that the Doberman has seen his last AB as a Fish.

Number TWO DOG--Chris Volstad. This year it went way beyond the ridiculous stretching after every toss back from the catcher trying to get his uniform to fit. This year he could not keep the ball in the park, had no command over ANY pitch and EVERY man to reach 1B IMMEDIATELY became Ricky Henderson because Volstad has NO CHANCE of holding any runner close.

Number THREE DOG--Andrew Miller. I believe the organization FINALLY realizes that they have a HUGE BUST(Not the GOOD kind) on their hands. The guy has now lost all confidence and it has reached the point that he wants no part of the mound. Very sad. I have watched him relate very well to people before the games in about 6 different stadiums. a very NICE kid, but a classic example of NOBODY being a sure thing--PITIFUL>

Lou Vales

By the way, wouldn't it be nice for a journalist to write up what happened to Ryan Tucker, what happened to Ceda acquired for Gregg, why the club felt need to SHUT DOWN Skipworth because of non-performance. I really don't expect an AJC/Boston Globe type Baseball Blog, however, a modicum of info would be appreciated.

Has anyone else noticed that David Samson and Gilbert Gottfried are NEVER seen together?/

Smart Marlin Fan

Just another year without making it to the playoffs. No medals for 3rd place in the division. You're such a Homer, Clark. I should be reading an article about how this Front Office has AGAIN betrayed the Marlin Fans by being so freakin' cheap. They DO NOT deserve a ballpark. You guys writing about the Marlins disappoint me so much. No one has the b@lls to attack Loria. You guys are worthless.


I feel that they underperformed this year. I'm most disappointed with the starting pitching. Volstad was phenomenal last year and has been nowhere near where he was last year. He has kept the ball up all year. I feel that if he performs up to last year's standard, we would be the wild card leaders and maybe even ahead of the Phillies.
I strongly disagree with anyone that feels Fredi is not a good manager. He has done a phenomenal job of managing a pitching staff that has routinely not been able to get through 5 or 6 innings. In addition, I'm sure he has had advice on making moves to call players up, but calling up Coghlan was a phenomenal move, along with putting him in the leadoff spot. He decided to put Hanley in the #3 spot, which he has been phenomenal in. Fredi is a fantastic manager and should be considered for manager of the year. Although, that should probably go to the Rockies manager, unless we can make up 4 games in these last 11 games to get to the playoffs.


Imagine if the Marlins kept Willingham and let Hermida go to the Nationals...If Volstad would have been the pitcher we saw last year, and if the Marlins wouldn't have "given away" the four or five games that they did with walks and errors. Does anybody remember the game when three different pitchers walked in four runs in one inning?

Overall, I think the team deserves praise for doing as well as they did. But doing a little bit better with just basic things could have won the division.

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