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Uggla: "I love [Hanley] like a brother."

Fights happen all the time between brothers. And apparently more often than we know in the Marlins clubhouse.

Dan Uggla Wednesday's clubhouse spat between All-Star shortstop Hanley Ramirez and second baseman Dan Uggla became the juiciest Fish story of the year when the two decided to extend jabs in front of a small group of reporters. Uggla reportedly called Ramirez out for not playing through the pain of his tight left hamstring, an injury Ramirez said made him feel "at 10 percent."

The Marlins quickly closed shop after the spat and we don't know whether or not Ramirez and Uggla really hugged it out. But this is what Uggla had to say about it after the Marlins beat the Braves 8-7 in dramatic fashion.

"Whether that fueled emotion for tonight, who knows. It happened. We’re a family. I love him like a brother. We got past it and moved on. Stuff like that happens and emotions are going to fly sometimes. I’m glad it happened. I’m glad its over with. I think we’re stronger, closer and tighter because of it."

The Marlins could certainly use something to light a fire under their butts. With 29 games left, they are 69-64 and need to finish 21-8 to reach that magical 90 win mark, which could be what puts them into the playoffs. But are we to just believe Ramirez and Uggla really buried the hatchet? Are we to believe Ramirez, who was pretty steamed about what Uggla said, is going to be back out leading the charge soon?

Most of the night, TV cameras kept showing Ramirez at the end of the Marlins bench -- by himself. Cody Ross said he didn't notice that, then laughed about the way he dodged the question. Manager Fredi Gonzalez said the TV angle was simply focusing on Ramirez. Truth be told as the Marlins were celebrating with Wes Helms at home plate, Ramirez was in the background, not the foreground. When the clubhouse opened after the game, he was long gone.

"Me and Danny, Hermida fight constantly," Ross said. "It’s just the way we are. We’re together for seven straight months. We love each other, we’re going to fight for each other on the field. It doesn’t mean we go and hang out off the field or anything like that. But we’re in here and out on the field, we support each other 100 percent."

We'll have to see tomorrow I guess if Hanley still feels that way too.