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Hanley Ramirez for Josh Beckett -- Do Over?

If you've never checked out the Boston Dirt Dogs website, do yourself a favor and give it a click. While it's primarily Red Sox related, it contains plenty of clever material, some of it even poking fun at the hometown team. (Though I find humorous and hugely hypocritical the dig at the "store-bought" Yankees at the same time they're bemoaning the failure of Sox leadership to win the bidding war for Mark Teixeira. Now if that ain't calling the kettle black.).

Scroll down to the bottom of the link to the item titled "Blame Cake Is Done," and read the item about Josh Beckett, which takes a jab at his stock "executing pitches" line, questions whether he can still be classified as "ace" quality, and asks "Can we re-do the Hanley Ramirez trade now?" If you haven't noticed, they've been having a few shortstop issues up in Beantown.

Question: Never mind Mike Lowell, Anibal Sanchez, Guillermo Mota and all the others involved in the Nov. 24, 2005, blockbuster. If you could do a Ramirez for Beckett trade straight up, right this second, would you do it?



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Manuela Davila

Of course not, Hanley is our guy!!!

Angel Salvador

Naw man lets do it. Josh Beckett will be best NL East Pitcher then. We would win.. Yes do it Theo!

Alex Ferrer

Angel you must not watch baseball because your retarded. The Marlins will not trade Hanley for Beckett EVER. Hanley is too good of a player to trade away when he is headed into his prime.


not a chance, no way


Is Beckett the best SP in baseball? No.
Is he in the top 5? No.
Top 10? Possibly.
Top 20? Yeah, for sure.

Is Hanley the best SS in baseball? Yes.
Easily? Yes.
Is he the top position player? No.
Top 2? Most likely.
Top 5? Definitely.

We win.


LOL,Heck no! We seem to have a knack for getting rid of pitchers(see Dontrell Willis)at just the right time!
Hanley is going to be a Super star for YEARS to come,and J. Beckett isn't nearly as dominating as he used to be.
Speaking of pitchers,isn't it time to lock up Josh Johnson for the long term?? C'mon Marlins,lock this guy up for 5-6 years!


the only only way to trade hanley is if we get Albert pujols,clif lee and roy hollyday in one package, what u think uh? it sound funny but that guy is just too good man!

juan vasquez

the marlins will trade him when his contract is deemed to expensive for loria than we will trade him for a package of minor leaguers and cheap vets thats the marlin way here today gone tommorow


Short answer...No!!! If Beckett ever comes down here again, you know what will happen…Blister Issues. Then, he’ll be on the DL for 3 months out of the season.

Now, as for the Miguel Cabrera deal. The Marlins could’ve done better, but we now know he has some issues, so who knows.

Suffering Miami Fan

No. That trade was painful, and gave the Red Sox a World Series (how soon they forget), but a four year older Beckett instead of Hanley coming into his prime?

No Thanks.

Basic Math -  5 > 3.......Gators suck !!

Hanley isnt going anywhere....and JJ will get his money here soon...we also need CC to have a great year next year along with Maybin. I still think Loria wont spend to much cash til we start seeing our own revenue at Marlins Ballpark. So til then lets make due with what we have and maybe add a big name pitcher in the off-season....and Freddi please stop destroying the bullpen !!

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