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Let's Play Marlins Blame Game -- Vote!

   Okay. So the word of the day for the Marlins is "disappointing." At least that was the one being thrown around like a baseball in a game of pepper the past few days, with Marlins president David Samson describing the failure of the club to reach the playoffs as "disappointing" and Larry Beinfest, the long-titled roster architect, using the same word when discussing the team's 87-75 record and second-place finish in the NL East.

    The immediate fallout from all this is that the jobs of manager Fredi Gonzalez and his coaches are suddenly in jeopardy.

 So who's to blame for the Marlins' "disappointing" season?  Is it owner Jeffrey Loria for funding the lowest-paid team in the majors? Is it Beinfest for not using what financial resources he has to design a better club? Is it Gonzalez and his coaching staff for not squeezing more wins -- and a playoff berth -- out of his players? Or is it the players themselves for underperforming?

  Tell us what you think. In addition to casting a vote, feel free to leave a comment, as well.


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The 2009 version of the Fl Marlins may have been our most overachieving bunch. To have Beinfest and Samson come out the way they did is disrespectful and disingenuous. Everyone knew the team needed SP help and they took no action.

I am proud of Freddi and every coach and player on this team. The front office does not know how to build fan loyalty, that much has been apparent since they took over the club. Apparently they don't know how to build player or coach loyalty either.


I'm not casting a vote because I don't believe it's any one person's fault. We were so close all season and just didn't cut it. We could have used a veteran starting pitcher or a quality right fielder, but didn't get either of those, and even with those we still might not have made it. You can blame Beinfest for that. Or you can blame Fredi for not always making the best decisions for our team throughout the season. Or you can blame Loria for such a low payroll. Or you can blame the players for reasons I will never understand. But either way, it's pointless. The blame game is a waste of time. We're worrying about who is to blame for a "disappointing" season. One in which we went 87-75 and came in second place in the NL East and third place in the NL Wild Card. And if that's "disappointing" enough to fire our coaching staff, we have some BIG problems in the sport of baseball, and all 22 other teams that didn't make it to the play-offs should do the same. Apparently. If this season was a major under performing year...Instead of figuring out who to blame, let's figure out how to prepare ourselves for next year and what we can do to make ourselves a better team. Figure out what off-season acquisitions we can make and what changes within the club need to be made. Instead of picking and choosing who's wrong. They've all made their mistakes and it is what it is. Time to move on and worry about what can be done to better equip us for the 2010 season.


The blame goes to Fredi without question or hesistation. i said it from the start this guy simply doesnt have the managing skills to do the job. he doesnt have the personality to run this team and guide them in the right direction and help them face the obstacles they will and have faced... our biggest problem this season has been questionable moves by fredi and nothing else. he is our biggest problem... our biggest hole and he needs to go. it wont matter if we have our own stadium or add a certain player because as long as fredi is the manager this team has no future.


Loria should have spent some money on a pitcher not complain when Freddy has no help in the late innings.


1f they are thinking about hiring bobby v he will be gone after one year because he is no ass kisser.


You can blame anyone listed. The playrs such as Lindstrom who everyyear play injured and don't report it to the team. Loria and Beinfest for not adding Starting Pitching when needed. I would primarily blame Fredi who has made many aweful decisions that may have cost us that playoff spot. For example the closer role, when to take pitchers out, hermida and bonifacio just to name a few. Now it doesn't matter. We need to focus on building a playoff team for next year.


the manager is partly responsible for failure to make to playoff. for example yesterday,bottom 8th he pulled badenhof for pinch hitter gload with 2out.the new pitcher tied the game and went on to win. had he kept badenhoff thru 9 innings marlin could have won
and 4games behind instead of 6games behind.

psl bill

loria is cheap and that is all of it. spend some money fool(loria)


A couple of weeks ago when Bobby Cox made his retirement announcement, guess who the Atlanta sports outlets were mentioning as a posible replacement? Yes Freddy. He is a good guy, personally I think he is a bit low key. But you can put this season on the shoulders of Matt Lindstrom, Jeremy Hermida and Emilio Bonifacio. After getting swept by Pittsburg, leading the Phillies in the bottom of the 9th inning and blowing that game, they could not recover (Matt at his finest). Hermida needs to go away ASAP. Bonifacio needs to go to AA and learn how to swing a bat as well as what a strike zone is.

Bobby V is the oppposite of Freddy, he will not be able to coexist with Beinfest and Loria, plus he will want more than they are willing to pay him.

Let's face it, they are shooting for a playoff team for the new stadium, adding value to the team.

The reality is that they have brought a lot of good front office people into the league ( Donbrowsky/Detroit, Wren/Atlanta, Beinfeld/Miami.

Freddy doesn't deserve to loose his job over this, unless he wants the Atlanta job and has made that known.



I have agreed over the year with many of your posts. I do not think Fredi is a good manager but its hard to blame him for not making the playoffs. He has a team that is primarily handicapped by payroll (Beinfest is as well) the team has no depth (inning eaters) in the SP and has a terrible back end to the bullpen. The lineup/defense has too many holes or players out of their natural positions. There big July 31st trade was for a OBP guy who is very good when healthy but is made of glass. If the team would have acquired 1 deep in the game starter and 1 quality experienced closer, they make a better run. If at season's start they have those elements and well they're competing for the division title with or without Fredi.

L. W. Bowles

All of the above are to blame, Freddi for not knowing how to make a lineup, and not knowing who can pitch;, Beinfest for coming up with Nick (DL) Johnson as late season help, not a veteran pitcher to stabilize the rotation; Loria for being a cheapskate and greedhead who banks about $30 Million a year in revenue sharing and Samson for being his son-in-law. Beinfest had to have Bonifacio in the lineup, thought he was the second coming of Luis Castillo (his favorite player) cost the Marlins at least two or three wins. And they traded innings eater Scott Olsen and decent Josh Willingham to get him. Valentine left a $4 Million a year job to come here _ dont think so.

NWFL fan

If the Marlins fired manager of the year Joe Giradi because he would not suck up to Loria, what chance does Bobby V have to make it to Labor Day?


this isnt the players fault i would say its sort of loria's fault but the low payroll is because he wants a new stadium built in which the payroll will definetly increase so he has a reason why cant blame him, the blame is FREDII PLEASE FIRE FREDII this guy is the worst manager i have ever seen i remember a month ago ppl were going crazy because this guy doesnt play baseball like doing hit n runs squeezing in runners or nothin like that and you know what he did? he finally did a hit n run with ross gload at first ( a slow runner ) and emilio bonifacio hitting ( cant even make contact) and emilio struckout gload was throwen out at second lol! Fredi is terrible and keeps bringing Matt Lindstrom out who cant even throw strikes and anything esle than a fastball

Stan M

We could blame many factors for not making the playoffs. However, preseason pundits picked us for 4th at best and a couple picked us to finish behind Washington. In light of that, the season was predominently a success. That being said, and after nit picking on this or that player and proclaiming that Gonzalez should go (I agree) let's all realize the the real culprit is Loria and his refusal to even spend his compensation money.

Unfortunately I now live in NC so can only get to one or two games. However, for those of you who attend with some regularity, here is an idea. Loria attends most games, often with someone who is probably a family member. At each and every game, start a chant such as "Loria must go"...but keep it clean. Make it uncomfortable for him to watch his own team and embarassing in front of his friends and family. If it became an everygame occurance, maybe that would be the only way for us fans to have any say and maybe force him out. But in my opinion, it would serve no purpose and we would be "the bad guys" if the chants were offensive. Comments anyone?


This is amazing, there are so many times out there wishing they had a Team like the MArlins.
This is the team that does so much with so little ($)and they have the gall to be disappointed. They manager can only play with the hand he is dealt. Teams like ST Louis always seem to make just the right moves Philadelphia also does whatever it takes to win
what do we do we scower the waiver wire for the likes of say a Luis Ayala!!! Brenden Donnally was the only Home Run. Nick Johnson
always hurt made out of glass. Loria and SAmson are there own worst enemies they both come off as the biggest jackasses. No one likes them. The Brains of this organization are Beinfest and Mike Hill. Come on Loria you live off the luxury tax, spend the money and stop complaining. Remember you still need the fans to fill those stadium seats. Better yet why don't you sell the team to someone who really cares about baseball and hates Picassos


The owner of the marlins is so stuped, he should be glad the marlins are this good, if he wants playoff, he better spend some money on the team or sale the team to someone that wants to become a winner not a looser like Loria what a sheapass! The worst owner ever!

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