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Let's Play Marlins Blame Game -- Vote!

   Okay. So the word of the day for the Marlins is "disappointing." At least that was the one being thrown around like a baseball in a game of pepper the past few days, with Marlins president David Samson describing the failure of the club to reach the playoffs as "disappointing" and Larry Beinfest, the long-titled roster architect, using the same word when discussing the team's 87-75 record and second-place finish in the NL East.

    The immediate fallout from all this is that the jobs of manager Fredi Gonzalez and his coaches are suddenly in jeopardy.

 So who's to blame for the Marlins' "disappointing" season?  Is it owner Jeffrey Loria for funding the lowest-paid team in the majors? Is it Beinfest for not using what financial resources he has to design a better club? Is it Gonzalez and his coaching staff for not squeezing more wins -- and a playoff berth -- out of his players? Or is it the players themselves for underperforming?

  Tell us what you think. In addition to casting a vote, feel free to leave a comment, as well.