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Marlins Hire Randy St. Claire to be New Pitching Coach



   So much for Randy St. Claire's long, lonely winter hunting and ice fishing near his home in upstate New York. St. Claire landed a big one -- a position as the Marlins new pitching coach -- that should keep him occupied the rest of the winter.


   "I'm very excited -- what a great staff to be able to work with," said St. Claire, who was offered the job late Monday night. "I've seen them pitch a whole lot, and it's a very talented group, and I'm looking forward to working with them. I'm not going to come in and start making wholesale changes on guys. I think some of the guys have pretty solid mechanics, and their deliveries are good. It's more watching them and getting familiar with them and seeing if there are some minor things that can lead to major changes."


    The process for St. Claire will start immediately. The former pitching coach for the Washington Nationals, who was fired on June 1 while in his seventh season, said he plans to contact every Marlins pitcher -- including those likely to enter free agency -- just to introduce himself. He said he'll also begin studying video footage from the past season and will likely head out to the Arizona Fall League to have a look at Andrew Miller.


 The Marlins think highly of St. Claire and believe he can help a young staff that finished ninth in the National League in earned run average (4.29). He replaces Mark Wiley, who was offered another job by the Marlins.


   The Marlins had interest in hiring former Diamondbacks and Mariners pitching coach Bryan Price, but he opted to  become pitching coach of the Cincinnati Reds. 


   St. Claire was a coach in the Montreal Expos minor league system in 2002 when owner Jeffrey Loria essentially traded in the Expos for the Marlins. St. Claire could have joined the Marlins organization at that time but decided to stay with the Expos for family reasons.



  St. Claire pitched for five teams in a nine-year major league career, finishing with a 12-6 record, nine saves and a 4.14 ERA.




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Claxton Markoni

that's amazing

DC Marlin

What a disgrace this ownership group is... I guess our philosophy of picking up players form the scap heap also applies to our coaching staff...


Somebody remind me. . .what was the nationals pitcher's ERA???? There was a reason that he was fired.


Like we say here at the workplace.....Great hire Freddie, great hire.

Suffering Miami Fan

Crud. The Marlins looked at the problem, Josh Johnson was gonna get big bucks and the rest of the staff was doing terrible.

Solution? Bringing in a LOSER to ruin young pitchers' careers, so they cannot win more money in arbitration.

St. Pierre, our guys have underperformed, what are your plans to improve them? "I'm not going to come in and start making wholesale changes on guys."

Typical Loria cheapness in action.

At least we get to watch Girardi, Burnett, and other former Marlins win a World Series for the team that we used to BEAT in playoff games.

Rolling downhill with Loria at the wheel.

Suffering Miami Fan

Alex, I tried to look up ther Nats ERA on the list of team ERAs, but I got Carpal Tunnel Syndrome scrolling down....

A AAA pitching coach would be better than this "upgrade".

Wilfredo Hernandez

who is making sure that the construction contracts for our stadium stay here locally? so far most of them if not all have been a
warded to broward firms. my job depends on the plumbing contractors award , and as far as I know there are two firms in the county ready.

hg hernd

A bottom feeder to help improve our pitching staff?? You've got to be kidding me?!?!!! As I have been saying for more than 5 years, will not purchase season tickets as long as Loria owns the Marlins. Loria mut go!!!

Suffering Miami Fan

So, we gave him Scott Olsen, and he did WHAT with him?

And now we will let him do the same to Josh Johnson and Ricky Nolasco?

Manny and Clark, how is this an upgrade from Wiley?


Seven years' coaching for Washington with its strong tradition of ineptitude and failure* makes a mighty poor resume.
If there's a genuine desire for improvement, it should be demonstrated by hiring someone with a record of success.
Still, it will be nice if all St. Claire can do is get the fish pitchers to quicken their deliveries so they won't give up so many stolen bases.


* and that's just the politics.


St Claire's problem in Washington was not his coaching. It was the lack of talent. He will be a solid coach and be able to help the growth and maturity of the now ready pitching staff.

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