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Marlins vs. Elite 8

As everyone knows by now, the Marlins failed to make the playoffs. But they more than held their own against the postseason teams.

 The Marlins went 22-20 against the six playoff teams they faced during the regular season: They didn't see the Twins or Angels

  Here's the breakdown:

  Team     Record

  Philadelphia Phillies   9-9

  Los Angeles Dodgers 3-3

  St. Louis Cardinals     3-3

  Colorado Rockies    4-2

   New York Yankees    2-1

   Boston Red Sox    1-2



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yeah we could have joined them if our owner didnt suck.
Erase that you Loria aplogists !


You prove it there. the Marlins surely did play well against top tier teams in baseball. I think that if a few games went the different route, we could possibly of eeked our way into the playoffs.

Marlins Mania


Actually, all that this proves is, that they sucked against teams that weren't any good. Smart post, Clark.


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