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SI: Marlins Mulling Managerial Change; Samson's Reaction


   Yet another story indicating a possible shake-up involving Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez and the coaching staff. According to Sports Illustrated, Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria is upset that the club failed to reach the playoffs and is considering a managerial change -- this despite producing a second straight winning season with a $35 million roster, the lowest in the majors.

    When asked whether Loria was upset with how the season turned out, Marlins president David Samson replied: "There's no question we felt we should have been a playoff team."

    Samson was asked if Gonzalez's job was safe. Samson said Gonzalez, who received a two-year extension last spring to manage through the 2011 season, would be evaluated like every other employee in the organization when club officials meet with Loria in New York this week.

  Asked if the Marlins had been in contact with former major league manager Bobby Valentine about a position in the organization, as was reported on Saturday by ESPN.com, Samson replied: "Not that I'm aware of."

   Gonzalez, in comments to reporters before today's game, was asked about the Valentine report;

   "You ve got to talk to Larry (Beinfest) about that one," Gonzalez said. "I don’t worry about it. He’s (Valentine) a good baseball man."



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NWFL fan

They got rid of Giradi because he was not a puppet. I doubt Bobby V would be Loria's puppet either.


we needed closing/relief pitchers, and instead we pick up a slugger.... Good pitching beats good hitting. If we look at how many games we lost by 1 run, and losing the lead after the 7th inning, its obvious we need closers. but nooooo.... Lindstrom throws a flat fast ball. Chuck him. If we score 4 runs we should win. Spend just alil more and get a true closer, and think of the money that would have been made on the playoffs. We probably could've won 100 games if we had a true closer. I hope somebody wakes up and does the right thing.....Oh yeah, btw GO CANES, GO FINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Loria, if you would have opened your checkbook and went out and signed a closer perhaps, you wouldn't have been disappointed. Blame yourself for being CHEAP !!!


The contracts of Cardinals Manager Tony LaRussa and pitching coach Dave Duncan expire at the end of this season. As unlikely as it would seem, can you imagine how amny games the Marlin's would have won with them running the team and pitching staff? Let's have them switch locker rooms in Jupiter next spring.


It's ridiculous to blame the coaching staff for a 2nd place finish in the division and a 12 games over .500 finish.

I assume the front office made attempts to improve the team before the trade deadline. After all, they brought Nick Johnson on board. But the real problem was in the pitching staff and they made no moves at all, even when there was veteran help available. Why didn't they sign Pedro? Money. Why not Smoltz? Money. Why not Penny? Not sure on that one but the pattern is fairly clear.

It was a great season full of ups and downs, which is part of the game. There is a long list of teams behind us who would have loved to have had our season. If Loria and Co. shake up the entire operation, they will show their lack of respect for the game and for the people who worked so hard for so long.

K-town Marlin

Can you imagine Bobby Valentine and David Sampson?

L. W. Bowles

Let's look at the Marllins coaching staff:

Worst defensive team in the league for several years - No Perry Hill.
Young pitchers cannot hold runners - worst stolen bases against percentage in the league - Pitching coach and minor league coaches.
Team is still striking out too much failing to put balls in play with runners on (watch a Minnesota game sometime and see the fundamentals at work - Batting? coach
Why would you rehire any of these guys?


the league needs to look into the scam artists that run this team. it is an insult to fans to make a claim that you are losing money. the smartest thing Loria could do is get rid of that mousy voiced little napoleonic complexed son in law of his, and let Beinfest do his job with a reasonable wallet. You want me to spend the little money that I have, then spend some of yours!


I believe the reason for not going to the postseason is the management. They did a lot of mistakes. We need pitching not Johnson at 1st base. We need a closer, there where some available. Let get Hermida, Bonifacio, Pinto,
Nunez and Lindstrom out of the picture. And increase a little the payroll. And also change the coaching stoff. We still have a lot of strikeouts, not running the bases, and pitching not secure of what they doing. And with all these problems we almost made the postseason and finish in 2nd place. What else you want?????


I agree with Shawn. The league or the Commissioner's office should look into this kind
of activities of the Marlins' owenrship. And what they looking from us the fan for 2012 when the new stadium open. If you want us to believe in you in the future, show now that you are for real, if not we will have the same problem that they have in Montreal. We need new
ownership commited with the fan and the community, and finally get rid of that clown son-in-law.

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