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Chris Volstad Respects Phillies but Favors Yankees

  So why should anyone care what Marlins starter Chris Volstad thinks about the upcoming World Series battle between the Yankees and Phillies? Here's why: Volstad was one of only four pitchers to post wins over both teams this season.

  The others: teammate Josh Johnson, Toronto's Ricky Romero and Baltimore's Jeremy Guthrie.

  Okay, so not that many pitchers had the chance The point is, Volstad is in a unique position to assess the Fall Classic from a pitcher's perspective. And, for obvious reasons, Volstad said he would prefer to face the Yankees lineup rather than the one belonging to the division-rival Phils -- not that either is a walk in the park

  "Just because of those left-handed hitters," Volstad said of facing the Phillies lineup, which for a right-hander is like trying to walk barefoot over hot coals.

   The Phillies line up Ryan Howard, Chase Utley and Raul Ibanez from the left side, and switch-hitters Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino can also swing left-handed.  Which may not be a whole lot of fun for ex-Marlin A.J. Burnett  when it comes his turn to start for the Bombers.

   "They both have power throughout the lineup,' Volstad said. "And I think there will be a lot of scoring becuase of the parks they're playing in."

    Volstad said mixing it up is the key to pitching successfully against either club.

    "You've got to vary it, at bat to at bat," Volstad said. "You can't repeat things. You can't really get a guy out one particular way because they make adjustments so well."

 So who wins?

"I'll give it to the Yankees in seven, just because of home-field advantage," he said. "It'll be a fun one to watch."