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The Marlins Do Paris -- Yes, THAT Paris

  Not sure that Paris and baseball have much in common,  but that's where Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria summoned his top troops for a few days earlier in the week to talk business.

  Loria brought the team's top front office executives -- as well as manager Fredi Gonzalez -- to the "City of Love"  from Monday to Wednesday on an all-expense paid trip to discuss Marlins baseball. Gonzalez said they were in Paris for probably no more than 40 hours.

  "We talked about the team and we also talked about the coaching staff," Gonzalez said.

  Joining Gonzalez in Paris were team president David Samson, president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest, general manager Mike Hill, assistant G.M.  Dan Jennings, and vice president of baseball operations Jim Fleming.

  "We went out for dinner and saw whatever we could see," said Gonzalez, who also brought his wife along for the trip. "But we weren't there to sightsee."

   Apparently, everything with Gonzalez and Loria is hunky dory after a few days of uncertainty following the end of the season, ones in which it was rumored Bobby Valentine could end up replacing Gonzalez.

   "Everything's good," Gonzalez said.


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NWFL fan

Whatever it cost Loria, who is hurting finacially, to take everyone to Paris, could have been used to resign Uggla and long term JJ. Does anyone other than the Nobel Peace prize committee, who are also clueless, believe these guys?


Darn you have to go all the way to paris to talk.


Typical haters NWFL get a life. Clueless idiot. How many games did you go to this year? Take a look at Fredi's record. Improvement every year!! There were teams all over the league that were salivating to get there hands on him when the Fish were thinking about letting him go. The guy speaks English and Spanish perfect for any team. Oh and by the way the Noble Committee did get it right!!

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