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Agent: No Long-Term Deal for Josh Johnson


    It looks like Josh Johnson could be as good as gone after the 2010 season. That's because his agent said he and the Marlins couldn't reach agreement on a multiyear contract for the All-Star pitcher, meaning the Marlins might be forced to trade him after next season.

    Johnson's agent, Matt Sosnick, told ESPN.com that "there's no chance of doing a long-term deal with the Marlins" this winter after the team refused to meet his demands for a four-year contract. Sosnick said the most the Marlins would offer was a three-year deal, which would buy out only one year of free agency.

    "We made it clear that it was going to be this year or it wasn't going to happen," Sosnick said of Johnson receiveing a long-term contract from the Marlins. "It was now or never. And the Marlins agreed."

    Johnson has two arbitration years remaining before he becomes eligible for free agency.

    "Josh made it clear that his first choice was to sign a deal and stay with the Marlins," Sosnick said. "He loves the Marlins and he loves Florida. We were willing to give the Marlins what we  thought was a significant break, but they just weren't comfortable going to the fourth year."


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Eddie S

This will be the biggest mistake in the Marlin History. Braman is probably laughing now since he caused the Marlins to delay the opening oftheir stadium from 2011 to 2012 I'm sure Beinfast would have given Johnson 4 years if the stadium opened in 2011.Why doesn't Beinfast take a chance with one of the future greatest pitchers in baseball Josh Johnson?


That is the reason my love for the marlins has diminished over the years. They have the stadium ready but in Florida even with a new stadium seats won't stay full unless we win. I hope they make something happen.

NWFL fan

I make an average of four trips per year from my home in NW Fla to see the Marlins for a three game series, but no more! This team shows no baseball sense and deserves no loyalty.

DC Marlin

Well, they better get a king's ransom for him, because he is definitely one of the best young pitchers in baseball.

If they take a deal like the Detroit one a couple years ago, I will be standing outside of Loria's office with my pitchfork and torch!

Who's with me?


I am with you!


there in zero chance the marlins get a single penny out of my pocket.Sell the team to some1 who is willing to spend

Miami Marlins 2012

I am with you too DC Marlin!!! I just hope it doesn't get to that point

the frito bandido

If Johnson can get $18 to $20 millions a year
for 4 or 5 years when he becomes a free agent, why would he sign with the Marlins now for half of that amount ? It is not a good deal for him.
Beinfest and Loria are not going to spend that kind of money on any type of player.Even with a new ball park.



Mr. Brown

The guy is willing to give a discount and they're playing hardball. Loria and Samson are morons. Samson needs to stop spending all his time watching movies and get some more sleep. Maybe then his brain will function better and he'd make good decisions for the team and subsequently the fans.

psl bill

build me a stadium and i will spend money on players, LORIA IS A LIAR, HE ALSO SUCKS! Please stop this sh## and build a team of veterans and the fans will come. i will be going to minor league games next year but it wont be the marlins. loria your time is coming, please get out while you can, sell the team!!!!!!!!1

Bernie Madoff a.k.a Loria's Financial Advisor

Loria is a scumbag!!!

They will trade Uggla this season, JJ next season, and than probaly Hanley the year after...


Marlins fans overreact much? How about we wait until we actually hear the Marlins are actively shopping someone before we freak out and act like it's the end of the world. Johnson will get his contract from the Marlins and everyone will be happy.


frito in the open market jj easely can get 15 per year.He is giving them a discount and trying to buy his arbitration years which 99% of the players hate.He also knows that when he hit 29 clearly in his prime,he will get his big pay day.Its just the f..... marlins being the marlins


Stop showing up. Support from home !
Loria your a cheap looser !


Loria & Samson we don't need you here in Florida.
We rather don't have baseball team.
New owners WANTED!


Loria you cheap *@#%^. JJ is one of the top pitchers in baseball. How are you going to replace him ? Another one of our stars gone. Why don't you cut Samson & give that money to JJ ?

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