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Agent: Uggla Would Resist Move to Third Base or Outfield if Traded

Dan Uggla's agent has launched a warning flare, going on record as saying the All-Star second baseman would balk at being moved to another position if traded. Even though Uggla would have no real leverage, that revelation could have a chilling effect on teams interested in trading for Uggla and turning him into either a third baseman or outfielder.

"Danny Uggla's been a full-time second baseman for the last four years," Uggla's agent, Jeff Borris, told Yahoo! sports columnist Tim Brown. "He's performed exceptionally well at the position. Although he has the athleticism to play other positions, he's performed remarkably over these four years at second base and there should be no reason to consider a position change at this time."

Which is the last thing the Marlins want to hear as they shop Uggla around in order to unload a salary that is expected to climb toward $8 million through arbitration. The Baltimore Orioles, and San Francisco Giants have been rumored as possible trading partners, with both clubs said to be looking at Uggla as a possible third baseman. The Boston Red Sox have also been mentioned as a possible landing spot for Uggla, with the idea of putting him in left field if Jason Bay isn't re-signed.

Uggla has played only second base during his four seasons with the Marlins. But he played 220 games at third base and 20 in the outfield while in the minors. Last season, Uggla committed 16 errors -- the second-highest total among all major league second basemen.


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NWFL fan

Good! Maybe the Marlins will keep him.

juan vasquez

If they keep him there's more value in the mid seoson trade than now and if we are in it we could keep him instead of loosing prospects for a short term fix he is a popular player why not keep him around and maybe sign him to a long term 3 year 5-6 million a year i am sure he would sign at that money and the fish will save money in the long term


I wouldn't sign Uggla to a long term deal. And there's no way he would take that low of a deal anyway.

Big Brown

Trade him now while he still has value. He is delusional, he has not performed exceptionally well defensively, highlighted by his All-Star Game embarrassment.


Cant really get much for pop-eye , probably one above average prospect and one or two decent prospects .. I'll take it ..

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