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Marlins Trade Jeremy Hermida to Red Sox

    The Marlins announced that outfielder Jeremy Hermida has been traded to the Boston Red Sox for left-handed pitchers Hunter Jones and Jose Alvarez.

    No surprise at all that Hermida was dealt.

  Jones, a 25-year-old native of Palm Beach Gardens, ,made 11 relief appearances for the Red Sox last season, allowing 13 earned runs over 12 2/3 innings for a 9.24 ERA.

   Alvarez, 20, spent last season at Single A Salem and Lowell



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Good he was over rated and took to long to develop


Can we trade Freddi to Red Soxs too.


Sorry to see him go but it was time for the Marlin to make a decision on him. I hat to see that they didn't get much in return.


We didn't get anything in return except two future minor leaguers


Can we trade the front offices?

NWFL fan

We dumped 2.25 mil in salary. Can we please keep Uggla now?


We couldn't have gotten more than a bag of magic beans? Really?


Hermida was a huge disappointment. A corner outfielder with a below average arm, glove and no speed, who struckout way too much in clutch situations. Every now and then the ball would hit his bat with eye opening results, but not nearly often enough. Good Luck in beantown.

Sabado Gigante

Hermida was the reason why the marlins couldn't get more in return...

listen here boss, ship bonoplacebo was well and all will be alright in a few years for the marlins(so we hope, if these freaking cubans don't finish miami off first) with the increase stadium revenue...

other than that, the marlins have a knack for getting into the playoff every few years and win the whole darn thing...although, the loss of Beckett still hurts me...


I agree. let's ship Fifi Rodriguez to Beantown as well. what a crummy manager!


The marlins organization from top to bottom is a scam and an insult to the intelligence of the fans. And if you think that things will get better with the new ballpark, get ready. Marlins ownership is only interested in making money and not fielding a championship caliber team. Then again, maybe if there was more fan support, things might be different. Worst fans in baseball.


Uggla will and should be moved. Coghlan can handle second base and hopefully there won't be a rift with the face of the franchise.



Great South Florida Sports Blog


Freddy Gonzalez has this team in contention every year with the cheapest payroll in baseball. How could you complain about that? Not that it will do any good, but if you want to complain, complain about the front office refusing to make financial commitments for the future.

Uggla can go. He'll be a decent DH one day, but he can't hit consistently enough or play defense.

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