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Marlins Trying to Keep Gload in the Fold

 The Marlins have extended an offer to Ross Gload, their top left-handed hitter off the bench last season when he led the majors in pinch hits. The offer is thought to be similar to the one received last year by Wes Helms, who agreed to a two-year deal for $1.9 million.

 Gload said toward he end of the season that he would prefer to remain with the Marlins, especially if he could work out a deal early in the free agency process, thus relieving him of any uncertainty.The Marlins' exclusive negotiating window with Gload closes at midnight Friday, at which point any team can start discussing financial terms with the free agent.Gload

 The Marlins, as expected, declined to pick up a $2.6 million club option on the 33-year-old veteran.

 Gload hit .318 as a pinch-hitter and .261 overall while appearing in a career-high 125 games, most of those occuring off the bench.

  Meanwhile, add catcher Ronny Paulino's name to the list of Marlins that have attracted trade interest from other clubs. Paulino shared catching duties with John Baker and ended the season with a .272 average and eight home runs in 239 bats. Interestingly, the Marlins obtained Paulino and Gload in separate trades, four days apart, at the end of spring training last year.

  Along with Paulino, the Marlins have also received nibbles on Dan Uggla, Jorge Cantu, Cody Ross and Ricky Nolasco.


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J. Echemendia

Well it looks as if the dismantling is on its way, I hope this owner realises that he could well end up with an empty park when the newone is finished, so could be the Marlins, we sure could use new ownership.


The Marlins ownership is the reason why we had 300 fans in the stand all season long. Now they want to dismantle a promising team..... it's really hard to be faithful to the Marlins as a fan when all they do is get rid of good players. I guess renewing my season tickets is out of the question. Hope you have a good career in a good team Dan Uggla.


you guys have to realise that the marlins don't have a good revenue , so they can't keep all the players , dolphins owner who owns landshark stadium gets all the profit from parking , food , and 50% of the tickets just like what huizenga did to the marlins , that's why you wont see the marlins going after high price free agents , but we might see good changes after or before the 2011 season , once there in the new stadium believe me they will get high price long contract free agents , meanwhile we have to get stuck with this team , u have to be patient and be in the marlins owners shoes they dont have revenues if they had revenues we will see alex rodriguez , alburt pujols , miguel cabrera to the marlins , key is when they get to the stadium they will get those type of caliber players , you should say thank you to huizenga for destroying the marlins and getting all the revenues .

derwood kirby

I would rather you learn to speak or write proper english.

Mr. Brown

Derwood Kirby, you're a jerk. Those comments are totally unnecessary.

Anyway, it's hard to be patient with this team; you start to really like a player or group of players and they trade them for peanuts- Willingham AND Olsen for Bonifacio, C'mon Man. Not that I liked Olsen, but two players for a guy with speed does not endear fans at all. We used to make trades and get good players, not anymore it seems.

psl bill

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