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Report: Giants, Orioles Interested In Uggla

    According to this Foxsports.com report, the Giants and Orioles are interested in Dan Uggla with the idea of moving him to third base. The Marlins are expected to trade their slugging second baseman, who is expected to make about $8 million through salary arbitration.

   The report also mentions the Red Sox as another possible suitor with the thought of moving Uggla to left field if they don't re-sign Jason Bay. That one I have a hard time envisioning.

    Most likely, the Marlins are looking for pitching in any trade involving Uggla.

    And my guess is, they'll move quickly if they have a trade worked out that suits them. Fast action has been the history with the Marlins front office. Last year, they made three major trades between Oct. 30 and Nov. 13:

    -- Mike Jacobs to the Royals for Leo Nunez on Oct. 30.

    -- Scott Olsen and Josh Willingham to the Nationals for Emilio Bonifacio et al on Nov. 11.

    -- Kevin Gregg to the Cubs for Jose Ceda on Nov. 13.

    They made the Miguel Cabrera/Dontrelle Willis trade to Detroit on Dec. 4, 2007, and the Josh Beckett/Mike Lowell trade to Boston (for Hanley Ramirez) on Nov. 24, 2005. This year, they've already dealt Jeremy Hermida to the Red Sox.


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Alex C.

Two of the trades posted on here I'm still a little unsure about. We traded K.Greg for J.Ceda and we haven't even seen the kid. One that i'm still scratching my head about is... you guessed it Scott Olsen, and Josh "The Hammer" Willingham for Emilio Bonifacio... Sure Boni is fast, but I still don't know if he could fit either one of those players shoes.


Still not thrilled with the idea of trading Uggla but I'd be ok with it if the Marlins can find a way to get one of the Giants group of top prospect pitchers. Orioles, not sure who I'd like from them. Matusz or Tillman would be ok I guess.


I meant Arrieta not Tillman.


I guess we will see Uggla hitting postseason homeruns in 2010 while the Marlin’s play golf.


Here we go again.... massive yard sale... anyone who might qualify to ask for more money or is scheduled to make more money... send me a post card from (phil(ly) in the blank)...


Where's the money Loria was going to spend on the team after getting a stadium???


that's after the stadium is 100 % built you dumbass before the 2011 season is when you will see changes to the florida marlins

NWFL fan

I'll believe the Marlins "changes" in 2011 when they happen. The best change would to Loria going North on the turnpikr.


I like Uggla, but 8 million bucks is a lot for a guy who is limited defensively and strikes too much. Good luck in Baltimore!


this team really doesn't need Uggla. Not with Coughlan ready to take 2B. Uggla is over rated and a rally killer. I like the guy, but trading him does NOT, in any way resemble a Fire Sale.

We can probably get more value for him in return than what he's actually worth

DC Marlin

Call the Dodgers Mr. Beinfest...

Uggla for Billingsley straight up!

Fan of the fish EVERY year not just 97,03

Why does everyone want to keep dan so bad. I mean i like him he is a good guy with great power but always has a bad ADV and its getting worse. He is not a very good 2nd baseman. We need guys that get on base. Plus we have awesome young guys to bring up and our soon to be rookie of the year would fit in great at 2nd!!!


I haven't seen him play second base, so is Coghlan better than Uggla defensively? Thanks.

Baltimore Matt

There is absolutely no way the Orioles give up any of Matusz, Tillman, or Arrieta in any deal especially for someone like Uggla. Only way they are going is if they trade for Pujols or Fielder. If he gets traded to the Orioles the best pitcher they are going to get is a 2nd tier pitcher.


Why not trade Mr. Loria?

Derek In West Palm Beach

Yep... love having a farm team here in Miami. I would much rather have a MLB team though. In particularly to fill the seats of that new Park. Why place heart and soul into a club who sells, trades or just plain loses every talented player who they may just have to pay up to keep? Gets old and a series that was bought in 97 and one that the entire team was lost after 03 does not make it worth while with me. Being a Dolphins fan is tough enough these days... after Wade goes (if he does) it may get a little THIN here in "M" town....

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