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Winter Meetings: Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

    INDIANAPOLIS -- Greetings from the heart of Indiana, where baseball's annual winter meetings are underway and a big arctic storm is heading in this direction. It could be a race to see which gets here first -- the Marlins contingent or the storm, as we've been told that Larry Beinfest and his gang aren't scheduled to arrive until tonight.

   That means if Dan Uggla, Matt Lindstrom and Renyel Pinto are to be dealt between now and then, it'll have to be done by phone. Otherwise, it could be Tuesday before any news comes out of the Marlins camp.

   Lindstrom trade rumors are swirling, but I'm told that the Rangers' interest in the hard-throwing reliever is not as strong as some reports have led to believe. And the Rays' interest in Lindstrom is mild at best.

   Pinto is a goner. The question is when.

   As for Uggla, I'm beginning to think the Marlins aren't having an easy time trading him. They'd prefer a high-level prospect for the second baseman, but they might have to lower their expectations in order to complete a deal. The Marlins are known for their fast trigger finger on trades. That it has taken this long to unload Uggla tells me their asking price is probably too high.


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DC Cane

Than do not trade Uggla...

The guy has put up historic numbers for 2nd baseman, so if teams aren't willing to give up a top prospect for him than do not settle for a 2nd rate prospect who will not make it to the bigs!

We already traded a future hall of famer(Cabrera)to Detroit for next to nothing...

Uggla may not be a hall of famer, but 2nd baseman who consistently hit 30 hrs, drive in 90 rbi's, score 100 runs, BB 75+ times a year, and play in my opinion good defense, do not grow on trees!!


Well, thats the problem, DC Cane, ... remember a team called the Montreal Expos ? See, this is the kind of crap Jeff Loria would do with that team (having a fast trigger finger, and trading away the studs, just for the sake of stingeyness). He's doing it with the Marlins now. And, the only reason why so far his screwed up strategy has halfway worked, ... is because he has Latin America in his back yard. So he can get these young pheonoms of talent, who are desperate to show case what they've got at the cheapest expense to later earn their estimated high price tag. F**K You Jeff Loria, for the crap that you are doing to your fan base here in South Florida. And, F**K You Bud Seilig, for "giving" away this team to cheap, two bit swindler like Loria and for helping to con the people of Miami-Dade County, for the support of a new stadium !

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