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Cantu, Nunez Agree; Cody Ross and Marlins Headed to Salary Showdown

  While the Marlins worked out contract agreements on Tuesday with two more arbitration-eligible players --  third baseman Jorge Cantu ($6 million) and reliever Leo Nunez ($2 million) -- they failed to come to terms with Cody Ross. As a result, the two sides will argue in front of independent arbitrators in February to determine the outfielder's 2010 salary.

    The arbitrator will choose between the figure submitted by Ross ($4,450,000) and the one submitted by the Marlins ($4,200,000).

   The Marlins have come out losers in two of their past three hearings, winning against Kevin Gregg in 2007 while losing to Miguel Cabrera in '07 and Dan Uggla last year. Overall, clubs hold a 280-207 edge over players in salary cases decided by arbitrators.

   This much is almost certain: the Marlins' Opening Day payroll, assuming they don't trade Uggla, will be much higher than it was last year. Based on existing and projected agreements, total payroll for the 25-man roster could approach, if not exceed, $45 million --- the highest since the $60 million paid to the 2005 club. Last year's figure was $36.8 million.

    That should satisfy the demands of the union and league, which forced the Marlins to agree to a payroll increase.


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any chance the marlins go after xavier nady?


nady would be nice but i dont think he will be ready until may or june with his surgery...would be nice piece to come off the bench and have in spot starts though if he doesnt cost too much

Jorge Suarez

Cody Ross is worth every cent. He is probably the best clutch hitter on the team. & has had very good numbers... Getting him at 4.45 mil is a bargain for a player of Cody's caliber. I will be upset if we don't keep him. He should join Hanley & Josh in the players that'll be on the team when the stadium opens up.


Ross had the lowest OBP among the Marlins' every-day batters. He also had the fewest walks and the second-most strikeouts. It remains to be seen if he'll improve his pitch selection. He has a great arm and he's one of the few Marlins with a fan base.


call me crazy...but is there anything not likable about cody ross?...i mean even when he goes through one of those ruts...there is no one who looks like he works harder or has more fun playing the game


i like cody ross as much as the next person, but i would like to see Bret Carroll play a little more.


Ross deserves what asks. Thinking about this line up

1- C. Coghlan 2B
2- C. Maybin CF
3- H. Ramirez SS
4- J. Cantu 1b
5- D. Uggla 3b
6- C. Ross Lf
7- M. Stanton RF
8- J. Baker


They are only 250k apart. I cant believe they will waste an arbitration panel's time for that little money . Split it down the middle and be done. In any event he will be a Marlin for between 4.2 and 4.45m.

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