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Chapman, Uggla & the Bullpen

Internally, the Marlins have all but conceded defeat in the bidding battle for Cuban pitcher Aroldis Chapman. That doesn't mean they've ruled out altogether the possibility of signing the young hurler. But the belief is he'll likely end up elsewhere.

  There's little to no activity on the Dan Uggla trade front, increasing the chances he'll still be with the club in spring training, if not opening day. But I'm hearing that even if they're unsuccessful in moving Uggla, they have no intention of dealing Jorge Cantu to save money. The Marlins value Cantu for his quiet leadership in the clubhouse and as a cleanup hitter behind Hanley Ramirez.

  The downside is that if the Marlins do start the season with Uggla, Cantu AND outfielder Cody Ross -- who is also eligible for a big raise through arbitration -- they'll likely look internally for inexpensive bullpen help rather than scour the free agent market for pricier relief arms.

   Then again, a lot can change between now and April.


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So let me get this correct. The Marlins entertained giving big bucks to a guy who hasn't proven himself in the big leagues but is hesitant to give such a deal to a proven commodity in Josh Johnson? Total head scratcher there.


Typical businessmen. I am sure the marlins are not offering big bucks. I mean come on it is the marlins.


It's not "big bucks". The original offer to Chapman was 2.6M a year, which is like 1/4th of what it's rumored JJ wants and about twice what it cost us to resign bench player Wes Helms.

kevin saunders

the marlins need one more good starting pitcher to lock up w/ the current pitching line up....minus anabel sanchez (thanx for the no hitter), and two more vicious relievers! that is it. keep the line up in tact.....because there is a third world series to build on.....in other words.....THE MARLINS HAVE THE BATS! sign ugla, sign ross, sign gload! the marlins are on the right track! GO MARLINS! 3 TIME WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS! i am a optimist! bring on spring training! a fan from charleston , s.c.


Ummm Kevin, Gload signed with the Philliesa while ago.....they can't resign him anymore.

juan yanes

Marlins is a business enterprise only without love for baseball feelings and no care for the fans preferences, they look only for profits, I move my love for the Yankees instead.

Marlin Myopia

Saunders, you're clueless just like the other fans who actually support this abortion of a club.


aww, sounds like marlin myopia woke up on the wrong side of the vet's office and out of his cage


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