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Marlins Will Be "Florida" No More on the Road

   The Marlins announced today that they are shedding the word "Florida" from their road grays beginning next season, part of the transition to their new "Miami" Marlins name when they move into their new ballpark in 2012. I don't think it's going to confuse anyone, but it does remind me of when the Expos were about to close up shop in Montreal before the move to Washington.Uniform

 An Expos fan told me he hated the thought of all the free exposure for Montreal that would be eliminated with the move. After all, the word "Montreal" was spelled out on the team's road jerseys wherever they went, and Montreal was how the team was identified in all the newspaper standings. Now that's gone.

   The Marlins will continue to be identified as Florida in the standings, but not on their road unis. Not a sad loss, if you ask me.


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What's going on with Dan Uggla? Haven't read anything infomative about that in weeks.

bilol grabin

I THINK IT IS WRONG TO MAKE Any changes and it bothers me that the dade county politicians wanted the change from florida to miami. the florida marlins now have a history with 2 world series under their belts and now 17 years in the league.
the problem with all sports people i.e. espn was that the florida marlins had no history, now they do and it is being taken away by selfish people. the miami marlins at one time was a minor league team and nark my words in 2012 all sports people will be making fun of our team by saying things like now the name fits the team. if anyone had any sense they would know to leave the florida name alone and not use miami.


Should have been "Miami" all along.


Teams with Florida on the uniform play in Gainesville.


It bothers me that the bill for building the stadium was stuck to the people of Miami-Dade county even after they voted against it. However, it should have been Miami Marlins all along. In the famous words of Livan Hernandez after winning the world series, "I LOVE MIAMI!" and not I love Florida.

It isn't wrong, it just took 17 years to get it right.

kevin saunders

i will miss the gray florida jerseys, and the marlins history is linked to their name....florida marlins. i feel that i will be able to get used to miami marlins fairly quickly, afterall they will still be the marlins.....with their own stadium, which is long overdue. GO MARLINS.....from a fan in charleston, s.c..


If the State of Florida wanted to stay on the jersey maybe the state government would have ponied up some of the money for the stadium. They didn't want to, Miami did, and that's how that came out.


I want to know what will happen with the logo and team colors.. there better be some damn teal involved


Miami Marlins the M and M's of baseball the mighty mights of low payroll how about all the money received for the new jersey sales go towards extending someone or bringing back calero or donelly if youpay them we will come


Should have been Miami all along. Besides, given all the haters north of Palm Beach County, Florida doesn't deserve to have it's name on this team.

Go Fish!

Mike Dailey

It could be worse. They could be the Florida
Marlins at Miami.
It didn't work for the Angels.

Xavier , Lorenzo

ya it sounds beter to say "miami marlins" then "florida marlins" ...but if you rember back in the 90s harry carry used to say "the miami marlins" look it up i guess that old drunk wit them big A#@ glasses knew somthing we didnt.

Jay L.

Well, they're using Dade county's tax payer money for new stadium so why not call it "Miami Marlins" if no other county in florida is supporting it.


finally a right name ,,Miami MARLINS .SHOULD BE NAMED LONG TIME AGO ,if you go Tampa area you will see how the marlins are hate by Rays funs ,and my opinion every ball club have to use the name of the city where they play and not the state name instead


Only broward county haters would love to keep Florida as the name, lol. Now they will be called Miami Marlins, every where they go people want to know, who they are, where the come from, and they will tell them, the mighty, mighty, mighty, mighty Marlins(puase)from Miami! lol


The eventual name change will make most avid Marlins fans happy. As a fan of the Tampa Bay Rays, who removed "Tampa Bay" from all of their jersey's two seasons ago, I always disliked the use of the regional name because the team plays in the City of St. Petersburg. No big deal either way but I've always thought incorporating the name of the city on team wear is an important thing. If a city spends a fortune building and supporting a stadium for a for-profit business the least that biz can do is make a concerted effort to promote the city they play in whenever possible. The current name of our team even confuses a lot of the players who refer to being in "Tampa" when giving interviews. A perfect example of how important a correct name can help promote a team and a city.

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