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Marlins Will Be "Florida" No More on the Road

   The Marlins announced today that they are shedding the word "Florida" from their road grays beginning next season, part of the transition to their new "Miami" Marlins name when they move into their new ballpark in 2012. I don't think it's going to confuse anyone, but it does remind me of when the Expos were about to close up shop in Montreal before the move to Washington.Uniform

 An Expos fan told me he hated the thought of all the free exposure for Montreal that would be eliminated with the move. After all, the word "Montreal" was spelled out on the team's road jerseys wherever they went, and Montreal was how the team was identified in all the newspaper standings. Now that's gone.

   The Marlins will continue to be identified as Florida in the standings, but not on their road unis. Not a sad loss, if you ask me.