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One Down, Five To Go -- Uggla Agrees for $7.8 million

    Dan Uggla took the Marlins to arbitration last year and won his case. This time around, the two sides avoided a hearing, agreeing Monday to a 1-year deal for $7.8 million.

    Then again, it's uncertain whether the Marlins will end up paying a nickel of that amount. If they're successful in trading him, the tab will transfer to his new club.

    "I always kind of wanted to experience the arbitration (hearing) process, but it's not something you want to do every year," Uggla said. "I'm just pretty excited to get it out of the way."

    With Uggla's deal complete, the Marlins turned their attention to their other five arbitration players -- Jorge Cantu, Cody Ross, Renyel Pinto, Anibal Sanchez and Leo Nunez.  If no deals are worked out with those players before Tuesday's 1 p.m. deadline, they'll schedule a hearing date for February, when an arbitrator will decide the salary amount.

    Interestingly, Uggla will make more next season than his double play partner, shortstop Hanley Ramirez, who will be getting $7 million in the second year of his contract.



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OK. Johnson first and now Uggla, I will buy my season tickets now. The Marlins are showing me they care aqbout fielding a home team that we can root for and care about.

Francia Alford

Are you kidding me... Dan Uggla was nothing short than awful for the last 2 seasons. Furthermore, he is a trouble maker on the team. Should I remind you of all the chaos he caused with the best player we have have on the team. We should trade his assets as soon as possible. We have better personal in the minor leagues than this bomb.

Loria proving he COULD afford it

Wow, MLB asks "where did the Money go?" and suddenly he finds some cash in the closet to pay Johnson and Uggla.

The sad part is, that we Marlins fans were saying to use that money to IMPROVE the team, not to just give the same players more money.

Sad part is, that we Marlins fans were talking about this for six YEAR before MLB finally noticed. They knew about it earlier, but only now are they reacting to please the player's union. Marlins with Beckett, Cabrera, Lee, and the other players they firesaled plus Manny would have made the playoffs, which SHOULD be the goal of this team.

And the sad part is, that the Marlins just made it much tougher to trade away Uggla, since nobody else will want to take on that contract for an old DL that is stuck playing second here.

Thanks MLB, you are making them spend that money finally, now get them to spend it wisely to help the team win games.


keeping the players we have is a step in the right direction...but to the poster who said uggla was awful...seriously guy...watch more baseball...is he a below average defensive 2nd bagger? yes...is his production from that position way above average? good grief yes!

and making this money available shows me that if need be, they will add at the deadline as we will definitely be in the mix

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