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Samson Expects Uggla to be Marlins' Opening Day 2B

   Marlins president David Samson said on his weekly radio show that he expected Dan Uggla to be the team's Opening Day second baseman. That marked the first public admission by a club executive that Uggla would likely remain with the Marlins after months of speculation that he would be traded.

   "He is a Marlin and will be a Marlin this season," Samson said Wedneday on 790 The Ticket.

  Asked by host Dan LeBatard whether Uggla would be the Opening Day second baseman, Samson replied: "Yes. The fact of the matter is he is a Marlin. I never actually went to bed one night this offseason thinking he was not going to be a Marlin."

   The Marlins had trade discussions with several teams about Uggla in December.

   Samson also said there are no plans to trade third baseman Jorge Cantu and discounted rumors that Boston Red Sox third baseman Mike Lowell might be traded back to the Marlins ("It's not something that's come to my attention," Samson said.)

  The Marlins signed Uggla ($7.8 million) and Cantu ($6 million) this week to one-year contracts. The team has also scheduled a press conference on Thursday to officially announce the signing of starting pitcher Josh Johnson to a 4-year deal worth $39 million.

   "We're pretty much bringing back in full an 87-win team," Samson said. "We expect to do better."


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The Marlins lost a very effective Nick Johnson and arguably their best reliever in Kiko Calero. This will not be a complete team from last year. They still only have one feared bat in the line-up, no true clean-up hitter and no veteran everyday player or starting pitcher to provide leadership. The line-up, other than coghlan, ramirez and cantu, is littered with all-or-nothing impatient hitters.


I was listening to the broadcast yesterday. When Dan asked Samson to confirm that Dan Uggla would be the starting second baseman for the Marlins this coming season, Samson backed off.

He said something to the effect of "What if Fredi decides to move him to third base? Then I'd be a liar, right?"

The point is Samson didn't confirm he'd be playing second base.


relievers are very streaky, especially considering how they perform on a year in, year out basis...and while i liked calero alot...i think he is due to have a down year compared to '09...but its ok...we always find some castoff who comes in and rebuilds his career here


Believe what Samson says? NEVER.........


Uggla should play 3rd...cohglan at 2nd...cantu at first..


i think that is the kiss of death.... wonder what uniform he will be wearing on opening day...


wow, the marlins are actually showing signs of life. I just can't believe they will not re-sign amezaga.

Owl in enemy territory

Samson told a group of law students that attended a game in Sept. that the team was definitely going to trade Dan Uggla. There were about 100 of us in the room.


Bez, take it for what its worth but the organization doesnt think that coghlan can play 2nd...which means that unless you want bonafacio there...pray uggla stays for the season

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