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Yes or No? Is Dan Uggla a Florida Marlin in 2010?

   Dan Uggla is a rich man. But, after signing a one-year, $7.8 million deal on Monday, will he still be a Marlin come the season-opener in New York on April 5?

   Look, Uggla said he doesn't have a clue. And for the past several months, the Marlins have been unsuccessful in trying to trade the second baseman.

   They're not giving up. But they're also determined to hang on to Uggla if they don't receive a deal they deem acceptable.

   Tell us how you think it'll end up up with Uggla and the Marlins:


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They will trade him for a second grader who was htting .298 in t-ball

Loria proving he COULD afford it

Wow, MLB asks "where did the Money go?" and suddenly he finds some cash in the closet to pay Johnson and Uggla.

The sad part is, that we Marlins fans were saying to use that money to IMPROVE the team, not to just give the same players more money.

The sad part is, that we Marlins fans were talking about this for six YEARS before MLB finally noticed. They knew about it earlier, but only now are they reacting to please the player's union. Marlins with Beckett, Cabrera, Lee, and the other players they firesaled plus Manny would have made the playoffs, which SHOULD be the goal of this team, instead of being the team with the lowest payroll. Attendance always improves in the playoffs here.

And the sad part is, that the Marlins just made it much tougher to trade away Uggla, since nobody else will want to take on that contract for an old DL that is stuck playing second here.

Thanks MLB, you are making them spend that money finally, now get them to spend it wisely to help the team win games.

Loria proving he COULD afford it

*DL should be DH


i think he will be dealt to a team that is power desperate by the deadline...whether it be san fran or oakland or whomever...just get more pitching in return whatever you do!


Yeah, once MLB gave him a sharp jab in the ass,
Loria suddenly remembered that he had some extra cash in his other pocket that he'd forgotten all about. I agree that he should use the money to improve the team, not just shell out more loot to keep the same old faces. Get rid of Uggla and spend that money to pick up four good solid $2 million players, including a couple of new arms for the bullpen. It's fun to imagine what Beinfest might manufacture if he had even that much money to throw around.


Has anybody reported what Ross is asking and what the Marlins are offering? Be interesting to know how far apart they are.

juan vasquez

hey forget these bums bring back amezega and trade bonafacio for a slower power hitter of the bench don't forget the flying mexican

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