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Jeffrey Loria: Marlins Are a Playoff Team

   Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria just gave his annual state of the union address on the first full workout day of spring training, and the message was pretty clear: Loria expects the Marlins to make the playoffs.

    "I expect us to make the playoffs," Loria said. "We've got all the ammunition we need."Loria

    In addition to the players, that ammunition includes manager Fredi Gonzalez and his coaching staff, according to Loria.

   Asked if the onus was on Gonzalez to win, Loria replied tersely: "Fredi is the manager. Fredi is here in his fourth season. Fredi is here to bring the the team to the next level.That's what we're hoping happens  I was very excited to see Fredi today. I gave him the biggest hug. He's been here. There's been a lot of continuity with that, as you well know, and continuity is important. It's not only with the managers and coaches, but also with players."

  Loria said "people blew things out of proportion" at the end of last season when Bobby Valentine was mentioned as a possible replacement for Gonzalez, and Gonzalez's future with the club remained in limbo for a few days.

   "Fredi's the manager and we're moving forward, period," Loria said.

    Loria said it was his decision to offer pitching ace Josh Johnson a four-year deal after the baseball office advocated a three-year contract.

    Loria was adament in his comments that he feels the Marlins are a playoff team.

    "The core of this team is back," Loria said. "And they're well positioned to make the playoffs. I think you know my history long enough to know that I'm in this game because I want to win, and we'll do whatever it takes."

    Loria said the Marlins are "about ready to break out now."

    "I'm hungry to win," Loria said. "We're heading toward our new ballpark, and I wanted to see us be more successful than we were the last two years. I felt we should have been one of eight (playoff teams) last year, and I was disappointed at the end of the season, and that's all I'll say about that. But we have the ability to do it now and we certainly have the manager in place to do it. We have the coaches in place."


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Weve got all we need except a quality manager it is our lousy cuban manager who has kept us from reaching our full potential. to call this team a playoff team before the season starts while Fredi is still the manager is the mistake of all mistakes


DON loria continues to be the biggest A*+hole owner of all times. He still has the gall of saying "he was disappointed last year for no reaching the playoff", he should have given the players and Fredie the biggest party in history for the results. This guy still thinks that the MARLINS will win with PEEWEE and AAA leagues players, lacking experience and incentives to play against MLB players.

Marlin Myopia

This clown, Loria, absolutely continues to amaze me. How he gets away with the things he does with this team is an all out crime. I really feel sorry for the guys on this team.

Sam Howff

I exppect that my stocks are going to go up 30% this year. doesn't mean that it's going to happen.

My question is where's the closer? We don't have a proven closer that can save games for Josh Johnson.

What did the Marlins do in the off-season to pull us closer to the Phillies?


Even if they reach the playoff so what? They're just going to trade the good players away like always.


If it not for the players association Loria, wouldn't have sign anybody, poor team, is my team but I'm feel sorry for them.
The worst owner ever.


even though they don't spend a lot of money on players i think they have a good team


the stadium deal sucks.


Unfortunately, that coming from the worst owner in all sports, doesn't mean much to me. And if we were, I am sure he would sell of all our productive the following year. We would be back to the crappy Marlins again.... Why are these guys getting a NEW stadium btw after we the people voted against it ???

Victor B

Someone please look up these stats; defensive errors and strikeouts. They all went up I believe since he took over!!! You can't keep killing these innings with two strike outs in a row! Seen it happen way too much! Errors prolong innings and tire out pitchers even more!


Loria said " I want to win, and we'll do whatever it takes."
Except spend money................


Loria, Samson...they're both LOW LIFES!
They both make me want to puke.
As a matter of fact, the next time I see them at a game, I think I'll puke all over both of them.
Sampson, that little gnome piece of crap, and Loria, Loria, Loria...all I have to say about Loria is this: What other owner would FIRE the NL Manager of the Year (Girardi), because he didn't like "what he said to him?"
Gerardi's now flourishing in NY, and Loria has the BALLS to call his team a playoff team.

He'd be smart to shut his big, fat, rich mouth....he may just find his new stadium empty if he continues to piss off fans.

I love the team...I HATE THE OWNER!
Go Marlins!
Loria - go to H*LL!!


Agree whole heartily with all comments about Marlins front office. Loria is a joke and so is his manager...I have been a fan since '93, love the team hate the ownership. Girardi was the best thing to come along since McKeon took over and made the championship run. I've played and coached baseball for almost 3 decades and I can't stand the in-game decisions made by Fredi. Makes me sick to my stomach. Nice guys finish last. We will never win a championship with him. He lacks the intensity and killer instinct needed to win. Love the players...Go fish!


Too bad Fredi doesn't have that killer instinct that Girardi has. He really lit a fire under those Yankees in 2008. It's not like Girardi was given a 200 million dollar payroll or anything, and missed the playoffs for the first time in 14 years.

Stupid Loria! Girardi is the MAN! So are the last two posters! Such intelligent fans!

Orlando A. Blanco

Fredi , is not the best manager, he laks the ability to produce runs, or a single run to win a tide and crucial game. but in other hand, he doesn't have the right tools; his piching staff only have one real Ace,and no closer. the others must of the tinme are on DL,and Fredi had to used several AA young pitchers to open important games, his to soon Super Star, Ramirez, is not producing at the crucial moments How we can expect so much from Fredi.


Give Fredi a break he managed a team with a $30 million budget compared to Girardi's $300 million, he did what he could with cards he had, Fredi delegates he doesn't produce or pitch he did an excellent job and he made mistakes but with Loria as owner the Marlins will always be a Goodwill AAA outfit, if an asset like Beinfest ever left the club it would get really get ugly.


loria is the best owner the marlins have ever had and he is paying for a stadium that we will all go watch our favorite team play at...so why the hate? oh thats right...its america and people will complain about everything

the marlins will be a playoff team this year and we all know what happens when the fish play in october


What is going on with all this negativity. Fredi is a good manager and has done well with the personnel he has. I would like to see all of you armchair coaches do better. Lets support our team instead of bashing everyone. Lets be good fans like Chicago; I don't like losses but I am realist; we'll do better this year but they need our support. Go Marlins


Dont't forget, the louder you cheer, the harder they play! Watch a Cubs game, and act like those fans. That way, the Marlins will win championships just like the Cubs. You tell them!


Playoffs with a patchwork bullpen & a pitching coach whose entire career's been bad teams at Montreal & Washington? Ha Ha. Loria kidded himself last year too, thinking Nick the Pickoff Johnson would take Fish to playoffs. Here's future: If Fredi G's not canned, he still leaves Fish at year's end to replace Bobby Cox in Atlanta. Who replaces Fredi here?



This guy is crazy needs to use some more money and get more pitching

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